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Glance through our articles of latest trends and fads of IT world and what are the current demands of the industry that a job seeker should keep in mind.

Why teaching jobs are considered so underrated

teaching jobs

Teaching jobs are one of the most underrated jobs. Want to know why? Read on. Teacher’s Day just passed by this month. People, once again, like every year, could see their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter feeds filled with heart warming messages, images with glossy texts showing what life would be like without teachers, messages filled with […]

These 10 programming languages will make sure you will always have a great job

10 programming languages

There is no doubt that being a talented programmer can take you places. From A.I to virtual reality to app development, some of the most prominent present and future trends revolve around coders. Although the basic principles are almost same for the languages , some programming languages are used more and are in more demand […]

Hot Jobs IT sector that You must consider

For more than a decade, IT sector has been a major recruiting sector. However, present industrial scenario is changing the job descriptions in this sector. Emerging areas like big data, cyber security, business analysis etc. are turning out to be the hot jobs in IT sector.     India has been the major hub of […]

IT Skills that may no longer be in vogue!

IT skills are constantly subject to change keeping pace with the evolving nature of the market. As the newer upgraded languages, software, systems usher taking the place of the old, likewise, skill-sets must also be upgraded. Some skills that have already sealed their fate have been listed so that you refrain from them. IT SKILLS […]

Career choices in core engineering (Part 1)

Engineering is an ever-growing profession with new fields of study and job opportunities being added regularly. Core engineering disciplines such as mechanical, electronic, telecom etc. are quite a hit while there are new fields coming up, thus opening up new job opportunities.     Engineering is a profession which has had many takers since years. […]

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