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Recollect, relive Life at college through these articles that showcases what it is to be in college and what does it mean to be a collegiate

Uses of python in the manufacturing industry

python in the manufacturing industry

The Python programming language is generally utilized by organizations around the globe to construct web applications, examine information, mechanize activities by means of DevOps and make dependable, versatile undertaking applications. Numerous organizations don’t understand they are utilizing Python over their associations. For instance, if an organization is a “Java-just shop” however they use IBM WebSphere […]

These similarities between college students and old people will definitely make you laugh

Old people and college students, similar? Are you kidding me? That’s what you might be thinking. College students are amateur , full of energy while old people are just the opposite, or so you think. Sure, at first it can be hard to think of things that are same between college students and old people, […]

An Ode to College Canteens- Reminisce of Days Spend with Friends and Foods

College Canteen

There was once a time when the college canteen was the most go to place for any student. Be it a discussion over the most boring lecture, or a debate over who is going to win the next football finale, the age-old tables witnessed it all. They sat through emotional break-ups, and witnessed hesitation of the first ‘I love you.’ So here is an ode to college canteens everywhere

6 Types of Boys You Find in Every College

College full of all types of people, but there are a few stereotypical guys you will find in every college. We all know who they are and sometimes it is us, either ways let’s take a look at six types of guys that make college all the more fun! King of Geeks This guy knows […]

6 Things That Happen in Every Group Project

If you are a 90’s kid, chances are you have already passed out of college. This also means you were a part of group projects that happen in every college. Now to those who have never been part of a group project, it may sound super fun! But only we are aware of the annoyance […]

Love Side Effects : 4 Side effects of loving a person

Once upon a time, love signified a strong affectionate emotion that reminded people of how beautiful life was with it. As man evolved, the meaning of love changed hands and today, it is also known for its affection but with a pinch of hatred and heartbreak. When we are pursuing our under graduation or graduation […]

6 Types of Students You Meet in Every College

College is that time of the year where fun, parties and friends is all you can think about. And of course while enjoying yourself you also tend to attend a few lectures and pass the semester. So when you actually make the attempt of sitting in the classroom, you happen to bumps into all kinds […]

Four years as an engineering student

Engineering students spend four years studying their chosen course hoping to make a brilliant career. Those four years are full of studies, activities, and even life lessons. They make you the person you will be for the rest of your whole life. Go on and read our article about Four years as an engineering student Four […]

Experience the best hostel life at these engineering colleges

In order to encourage innovation adequately, Entrepreneurship development cells (EDCs) play a major role in any reputed engineering college. It acts as an interface between the industry and the academic world, so that the both of them can be mutually benefited by their respective practices. Go on and read the full article on  hostel life […]

What to expect from innovation clubs in engineering colleges

Engineering innovation clubs are a medium for students to improve on existing technologies or create new ones which can even be patented. It also means application of inventions and discoveries.go on and read our article on Clubs in engineering colleges Clubs in engineering colleges   Engineering is a multi-disciplinary field where one not just learns about […]

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