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For all those who wish to Study Abroad after college we have assimilated best of articles to help your transition to a new country smoother

Living In America

United States of America – The land of opportunities! American lifestyle is a lot different from that in India. The way people live, their food, culture, language etc. is completely different from India. That’s why some students feel a “culture shock” the moment they come out of the aircraft and set their foot on the American […]

Travelling to the US

Traveling to the U.S. to study, after you have secured your hard-earned student visa will be an exciting experience, especially if you are travelling out of India for the first time. If you have obtained U.S. Student Visa and are worried about how you will make arrangements to travel to US, then this travel guide […]

About America

America is a melting pot of different cultures, religions, lifestyles, careers, cities, landscapes, sports, technologies, and entertainment. America welcomes students from around the world. Country Facts Motto               In God We TrustCapital            Washington DCPopulation      305,809,000 (2008 estimate)Largest city    New York CityArea                 9,629,047 sq kmContinent       North AmericaLanguages      English, French, SpanishReligion          Protestant, Roman CatholicPresident        George W. BushCurrency        United States dollarGDP                 $14.334 […]

Why Study in the USA?

Why should you study in the U.S.? Why have so many international students chosen to study in the U.S. over other countries? Does the U.S. still welcome international students? What are your U.S. study options? Need answers to these questions? Read no…. The U.S. hosts more international students than any other country in the world, […]

Career Prospects In The U.S

The vast majority of Indian students look forward to a career in the U.S. after their education. The U.S offers excellent work environment, great career growth prospects that are financially very rewarding. So it is natural that students start applying for jobs even before they complete their coursework. Some students even go for short-term full time jobs even before […]

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