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IIT Kanpur
IIT Kanpur

The Founding Story of IIT Kanpur

One of the top-notch premier higher education institutes in the country, IIT Kanpur or IITK as its fondly called needs no introduction.

Established in the year 1959, as one of the first IITs in the country, IITK right from its inception has been striving to provide meaningful education of the highest standard, while focussing on original research to meet the contemporary and future needs of the country. Initially, IITK was set up in a building of the Harcourt Butler Technological Institute, with around 100 students and a few faculty.

Today, the institute has its own meticulously designed campus and houses over 2255 undergraduates, around 1500 postgraduates, over 300 faculty and 900 support staff. Keeping with its vision of commitment to excellence, IITK makes special efforts to recruit skilled and renowned faculty from premier institutions all over the world and the faculty and students are provided with state-of-the-art facilities, to help them realise their innovations in science and technology.

IIT Kanpur

Beyond Formal Education – Learning at IITK doesn’t end with classrooms and labs

IITK takes pride in providing ample opportunities for its students in all disciplines, beyond academics. Technical skill competitions, workshops, conferences, seminars, debates and symposiums are part of daily life at the residential campus of the institute.

The Student Gymkhana, which is the student governing body of the institute and other clubs encourage the participation of students in a wide range of activities and events. Events like “TechFest” held at the IITK campus garner nationwide coverage.

Apart from the formal undergraduate and postgraduate courses, IIT Kanpur also offers several short-term courses and even distance education programs for students to build their knowledge and expertise in subject beyond the regular curriculum.

Summer Undergraduate Research Grant for Excellence (SURGE) is a unique opportunity for undergraduate students of the institute to engage in cutting-edge research under the guidance of senior faculty in emerging areas of technology.

When it comes to workshops, conferences, and seminars, IIT Kanpur workshops offer both technical and non-technical courses. Be it learning a new language, trying their hands at radio-jockeying or interacting with industry leaders, IIT Kanpur workshops offers myriad opportunities for students to build their passions and interests.

IIT Kanpur workshops also have a dedicated entrepreneurship cell to guide and encourage upcoming innovators and entrepreneurs. Apart from these, IITK also offers students a wide range of hobby clubs to further their interests. Some of the on campus hobby clubs include Adventures Club, Joggers Club, Business Club, BRaIN (Biological Research and Innovation Club), Aeromodelling Club, Gliders Club, Astronomy Club and more.

IIT Kanpur

Schedule for Workshops and Conferences at IIT Kanpur

At IITK, everyday is a new learning opportunity for students. There are plenty of events scheduled throughout the year, including summer. To check out the full schedule of IIT Kanpur workshops, check the upcoming events page of the official website.

Here are further Details about Two of the most Popular Extra-curricular Events held on campus:


This is an annual inter-collegiate entrepreneurship and technical festival held at IITK. It was started in the year 1995, to promote an interest in technology and to encourage innovation among students. The Techkriti is held for four consecutive days in March and attracts over 40,000 students from more than 1400 premier colleges all over the world. The 25th edition of this annual festival is scheduled for 15th to 18th March 2019.

As a part of this festival, IITK holds several workshops and talks of industry leaders. Workshops are held on campus as well as at several other major cities all over the country. Also, Techkriti conducts preliminary rounds of various competitions for college students and school students in different cities in India. The final competitive rounds are held at campus.

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WAC Workshops

What after College (WAC) 2018 is the flagship workshop organised by the Vidyavilla Foundation at IIT Kanpur. This is one-of-a-kind career guidance event that brings together renowned academicians, education experts and dynamic industry veterans and leaders to highlight the various career opportunities available to students post their college course.

With up-to-date information and astute insight, these expert panellists help students choose the right career path that has a bright future as well as appeals to their personal interests and passions. The WAC workshop at IIT Kanpur is organized by the Entrepreneurship Cell of IITK in association with What after College.

IIT Kanpur

Who can attend Workshops at IITK?

IIT Kanpur offers workshops and conferences both for on-campus students as well as students from other colleges and institutions across the country. The WAC workshops and TechKriti workshops are open to all students from all institutes. However, a few of the on campus short-term courses and summer workshops are only open to IITK students. Make sure to check out the individual registration page of each workshop to find out if you’re eligible to attend a particular event.

IIT Kanpur

Why Attend Events and Workshops at IIT Kanpur?

As one of the premier institutions in the country, IIT Kanpur attracts some of the best minds in the industry for conferences and workshops. The people who conduct these conferences are industry leaders, who are working on cutting-edge innovation and technologies. Attending IIT Kanpur workshops gives you an accurate insight into the current industry trends and future developments.

When you take part in such events, you get an excellent opportunity to interact with people who share your passions and can kindle the burning fire within you. Also, these events are a great way to build your networks, which can help you in your career.

IIT Kanpur

How to Reach IIT Kanpur?

As one of the biggest cities in Uttar Pradesh, Kanpur is well connected with the rest of India by road, rail and air. Located on the Delhi to Kolkata Grand Trunk road, IIT Kanpur is at a distance of 16 kms away from the Central railway station of Kanpur. You can either take an auto or taxi to get to the campus from the station and the journey takes around 40 minutes. Taxi fares range around 300 to 350 INR and the auto charges are approximately 220 INR.

If you arrive by bus, then the distance between the central bus stand and the campus is 15 kms and it takes around 20 minutes to reach the campus from the bus terminal.

The nearest airport is the Kanpur city airport. SpiceJet operates daily flights to and from Kanpur airport to other major cities like New Delhi, Varanasi and more. It takes around one hour to drive from the Kanpur airport to the campus. Alternatively, you can fly to Lucknow airport, which is at a distance of 95kms from the campus.

IIT Kanpur

Accommodation at Kanpur

For few workshops and seminars organized by IIT Kanpur, accommodation is provided for students directly on campus. For others, students are required to arrange their stay by themselves. Kanpur has several reputed hotels catering to all budgets, in and around the city. Make sure to confirm the accommodation details with the event organisers before the event.


  • Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, Kalyanpur, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh – 208 016
  • Phone – 0512 – 259 0151
  • Website – https://www.iitk.ac.in/

Upcoming Workshops at IIT Kanpur

For complete details on upcoming conferences, workshops and seminars scheduled to be conducted at IIT Kanpur, check out this page – https://www.iitk.ac.in/new/courses-conferences-workshops. For further details on registration, course fee, eligibility, and other specific information, check out the page of individual workshops, courses, conferences, and seminars. check out upcoming workshops at IIT Kanpur.