6 Best Graphic Design Trends For 2024

6 Best Graphic Design Trends For 2024

6 Best Graphic Design Trends For 2024, Every year the graphic design industry goes through some or the other trend in designing. In this blog, we have anticipated 7 such trends which will show their presence this year. With this year being full of AI advancements and announcements graphic design industry is filled with mixed opinions related to AI and its capabilities.

For designers and upcoming students to stay on top of the game and follow the latest trends in graphic design read the full blog and understand the best graphic design trends for 2024 and get ready to put your best work ahead in front of your clients. This blog covers all the trends which apply to majority of the industries so graphic designers need not worry we have got you covered. 

  • AI-Generated Designs
  • Retro Styling
  • Bold & Unique Typography
  • Use of Vectors
  • High Contrast Designs
  • Nature Inspired Designs

Let us look at these graphic design trends in detail:

AI-Generated Designs

AI designs are becoming more and more popular and AI designs in 2024 are going to be even more promising and trend-worthy as many influencer’s are regularly posting AI-created designs and graphics. We think AI is here to help designers and not steal their jobs as with AI designers can get more productive and create AI-enhanced designs which niggle out all the mistakes which humans make while creating graphics.

In Future, we can get an AI assistant who can suggest design themes according to the client’s industry and business themes. In 2024 designers must use AI tools as their companion for making good quality visuals and graphic designs.

Popular design tools like Figma, adobe, and Canva all have come up with AI integration in their portfolio which everyone can use in making stunning graphic designs. Photoshop has also introduced its AI tools in its Photoshop app used for photo editing and color grading. Canva one of the popular graphic design tools has also introduced AI features which help young designers eliminate redundant tasks such as background removal, colour correction and spacing issues usually while creating graphics.

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Retro Styling

After every 3 to 4 years the design trend changes drastically and we expect to see the 80’s and 90’s styling to come back in 2024 and upcoming years. All the retro styling has already started to get into trend and the design industry has started to adapt to this trend. 

Most of the TV shows have already adapted to these trend in styling and their movie posters. Popular TV show The stranger things has based its theme on a retro tone. All the big brands have started collaborating with the iconic video games which were famous in the 80 like Pac man, Nintendo and Minecraft game which have a retro pixel vibe to them.

Bold & Unique Typography

With the use of bold and unique typography in graphic designs brands try to pass a clean and simple message to their audience and try to attract as many people as possible visually from different age groups. With the use of bold typography graphic designers try to reach out to a wide range of audiences and appeal to many people. Brands like Apple use images and bold typography in their ads and graphics which makes their ads engaging ad interesting to look at.

Brands have started to use bold fonts to showcase hierarchy and this styling will be in trend for this year. With this kind of styling, brands try to get the attention of people and let them know about their brand and its products. This styling also ensures good readability for viewers.

Use Of Vectors

Vectors are nothing but creatives designed using Adobe Illustrator with the help of vectors. Vectors are created using complex mathematical formulas.

In the upcoming years, the use of vectors will increase even more simply because of the wide range of use cases which vectors provide and let graphic designers have a free hand to paint their canvas. Vectors also let designers use them in every scenario without compromising on quality. Graphics designed using vectors bring in various benefits like scaling the objects according to preference and also help in exporting the creatives in much better quality according to desired preference.

High Contrast Designs

Graphic Designers are constantly using high-contrast designs and designers create high-contrast color palettes to reach out to a wide range of audiences while making their designs accessible to everyone. This trend will continue in 2024 and is here to stay for the next year as well. Using punchy vibrant high contrast colors on black designs will continue to stay on trend in 2024. Brands are also keeping in mind the different screens on which users can see their ads and customizing their ads to as many displays as possible like desktops, laptops, mobile, tablets and other devices as well. Designers should also keep in mind the dark mode and light mode settings while creating graphics in 2024. 

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Nature-Inspired Graphic Design Trends

In a recent survey, it was observed that Gen-Z as a generation are more conscious towards nature and protecting this globe from global warming graphic designers will catch this trend and in 2024 we can expect to see more graphic designs created which are nature-inspired. Graphic designers will get inspiration from this idea and create graphics in every field of work.

With this trend, we get to know the mind-shift change of the current generation from one-time use and throw products to sustainable products long-lasting products. Design palettes and colours like wood brown colour, fresh green colour, and furniture textures will all be in the trend in the year 2024.

In 2024 all these design trends which we have covered will be in the trend for 2024 design theory. From AI Generated designs to bold and colorful combinations everything will be in 6 Best Graphic Design Trends For 2024.

Trends like AI-generated designs, retro styling, bold and unique typography, use of vectors in designs, high contrast designs, nature-inspired graphic designs and colour palettes will all be in the trend for 2024. 

So graphic designers buckle up get ready for this new year and update your design style using these 6 best graphic design trends. Now follow these design trends follow your design sense push your boundaries using these trends and ace your design game for this year.