How To Enhance Your Chances of Getting Into University

How To Enhance Your Chances of Getting Into University

Getting into your dream university can be daunting because of the stiff competition. There are numerous applicants, but only a few get in because universities can only accommodate a specific capacity. Thus, it’d be best to make your application distinct by having excellent grades and fulfilling all the requirements. That said, below are ten tips to help you enhance your chances of getting into university. 

Consider Bridging Programs

A bridging program is an effective way to increase your chances of getting into your dream university. This supplemental solution is usually offered to upper secondary school students or those with associate degrees who want to further their studies. It prepares students mentally and emotionally for the challenges they’re expected to face while in university and levels the playing field for those who weren’t able to take appropriate preparatory courses in high school. 

Some bridging programs, like University Bridge programs, also assist international students who wish to enter U.S. universities, catering to their specific academic and cultural concerns.

Acquire Good Grades 

Your grades are one of the first things the university will look at before considering admitting you. Thus, you must diligently study in high school and maintain good grades throughout this period.

You can get good grades in the following ways: 

  • Hiring a tutor: They can help you address issues in subjects you find challenging. 
  • Finishing assignments: Doing individual research when completing your assignments broadens your knowledge. It also helps you ask questions about concepts you don’t understand.
  • Excellent note-taking: You can note important points during lectures for future reference.
  • Developing a study schedule: It helps you plan your time well to cover every subject.

Remember, your chances of getting into an Ivy League university increase with a higher grade point average (GPA). In addition, consider taking challenging subjects like mathematics, chemistry, and physics and acing them. It’ll help show the university how mentally capable you are. 

Take The SAT And Attain High Scores 

A Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT), created by The College Board and started in 1926, is an optional test you may be required to take, depending on your chosen university. It assesses students’ readiness to join college by testing their mathematical aptitude, writing ability, grasp of grammar, and reading comprehension.

Even if the university you’re applying for doesn’t make SAT mandatory, you can voluntarily sit for the test and send the scores with your application. This way, the board may be impressed by your thoroughness and consider you. 

Participate In Extracurricular Activities 

Besides academic performance, universities also check if a student has other skills. Thus, you need to be a well-rounded student who engages in extracurricular activities.

Consider volunteering in community activities or joining leadership programs that align with the course you’d like to study.  On the same note, engage in sports activities, like hockey and basketball, or join a drama or glee club. All of this helps ensure you have more to offer than your grades.  

Create A Convincing Personal Statement

You need to show why the university you’re applying to should accept you through a well-crafted personal statement. Here, you can highlight your strengths, key skills, and experiences you’ve had so far in your academic journey.

Moreover, impress the admission board by uniquely expressing your story and ensuring it demonstrates your genuine interest and enthusiasm. Give valid reasons for selecting the program and university you’ve chosen.

Apply To Different Universities Of Your Choice

You shouldn’t limit yourself to only one university. As mentioned, many students are applying simultaneously as you are. So, it’s never a guarantee that you’ll get admitted to your top choice. Consider applying to several institutions. If one university doesn’t approve of your application, you can still get a chance at another. 

Look For A Letter Of Recommendation

The university must ascertain that you’re an exemplary student at your former school. In this instance, you’ll need to produce a letter of recommendation from your teachers, coaches, or club mentors in which they highlight your special abilities and exemplary character.

Build A Positive Online Reputation

A solid online presence may help you get into university quickly. Admission boards sometimes check students’ social media pages to ensure they’re well-mannered. They can also use your accounts on these platforms to assess your other activities. For instance, an influencer working with several corporate brands may impress the board more. 

On the same note, you must be careful about what you post on your social media channels. Some pictures and content may not work well with a particular school’s mission and vision.

Show Interest In The University  

Take the initiative to tour the campus or contact university professors to ask about the requirements of your chosen course. Alternatively, you can follow the school on social media and attend seminars they host. All of these show your interest in studying at their university, especially with competitive courses like medicine.  

Apply Early

Early application can increase your chances of getting into the university of your choice. There aren’t many applications at the start, so universities have more time to look at each. On top of this, if you apply on time, you can compile all the necessary details without undue hurry. Last-minute applications are typically stressful and error-prone, so avoiding them is ideal.  


It’s crucial to be aware of the effective ways to increase your chances of getting into university. Thus, consider the tips enumerated above to help you get started. Finally, remember that diligence and conscious effort throughout the application process will ultimately get you admitted into your dream university.