10 Signs That Prove You Are Not Meant For 9 To 5 Jobs

We all have grown up listening about the perks of 9 to 5 jobs. Our parents always taught us about financial security that is associated with it and the simple life thereafter. But today, the fever of starting your own startup has risen so much that the youngsters are shifting their preference from what they grew up listening to starting something of their own. If you think you’re one of these people, then this one goes for you too. Here are signs that prove you’re not meant for 9 to 5 jobs:

I’m My Own Boss

You want to decide at what time you want to wake up, at want time you want to go to work and at what time you want to leave from your work place.


You want to wear clothes of your own choice. No matter what the day is, you want to wear your denim. Following a particular dress code sounds boring to you.

Sitting at One Place

You find the idea of sitting at one place for 8 hours depressing and you feel that your world is more than just sitting in a glass office.

Inspire People

While in office, you see many people who work along with you and they just hate their work. You’d rather want to be with people who are inspiring and those you want to inspire because your work is not your ‘job’ it’s your passion.

The Hierarchy Problem

You don’t want to be at a place that completely runs on hierarchy. You feel being let down by it rather than being pushed forward. You feel detached from the company when you can’t talk to your boss directly or share your opinion about something.

You Want to Create Something

You feel contained while working for someone. You want to fly, you don’t want to be a part of something you don’t believe in. You want to create something of your own and become your own master.

You don’t want to be a part of the crowd

You want to do something of your own, something innovative. You don’t want to be a part of the herd.

You Hate Mondays!

You always wait for Sundays and you just hate Mondays. You rather want to be at some place where you look forward to Mondays.

You Don’t Believe in Rules

You think rules are for fools. You are a rebel, you never believe in rules and following orders from someone or doing things according to their will.

Paycheques Don’t Charm You

9 to 5 jobs For you, following for dreams and your passion is more precious rather than the amount on your cheques. You would love to do something you like and earn less rather than doing something for money where you don’t feel attached. You want something beyond jobs and career, you want something to live and die for.