AIR-25 Vaibhav Rawat UPSC Topper Mock Interview | IAS Topper 2020

Vaibhav Rawat UPSC Topper 2020

Vaibhav Rawat’s excitement knew no bounds when UPSC declared its results 2020 on 24 September 2021. He got an All India Rank (AIR) of 25 and he was the one of UPSC Topper 2020. It was his second attempt at the UPSC exams. A total of 761 candidates, out of 2046 candidates who were shortlisted for interview, were selected to fill several vacancies in various ministries. Read on to know more about IAS Topper Vaibhav Rawat background,  and other important details

IAS Topper Vaibhav Rawat Biography

Born in a middle-class family in Rajasthan, Mr. Rawat belongs to a family of teachers. His mother teaches in a government institution, and his father is an assistant professor at T.T. College. It was his father’s wish that he should enter the civil service.

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He graduated from the– BHU (IT-BHU). He always excelled in academics and held the 7th rank in All India Science Olympiad. He was also an ace in cricket and captained both his school and college cricket. After graduation, Mr. Rawat worked in the R&D department of tech giant Samsung before joining the civil services.

  • Vaibhaw Rawat is a Home-Town of Rajasthan and a graduate of Institute of Technology – BHU (IT-BHU). Took 7th place in All India Science Olympiad
  • Before attempting the UPSC exams, he worked in R&D at Samsung. It was his second attempt where he finished 25th.
  • UPSC Topper 2020 Vaibhav Rawat opted for the Indian Foreign Services (IFS) because his passion was to represent India on the world stage.

IAS Vaibhav Rawat Preparing For UPSC

Mr. Rawat desired to grant his father’s long-held hope that he work in government. He consequently made the decision to try his luck in the UPSC Civil Service Exam. He chose to begin studying for the test while still employed by Samsung.

In 2019, Mr. Rawat made his maiden attempt at the UPSC after putting in some time to prepare. He passed both the preliminary and main exams and advanced to the interview stage. Much to his disappointment, he failed the interview stage and was unable to pass CSE that year. Despite his disappointment, he made the decision to re-prepare and try again. Additionally, his family spoke up in favour of his choice. He then started anew with his UPSC preparation..

Vaibhav Rawat UPSC Preparation Strategy

Below we present IAS Topper Vaibhav Rawat’s UPSC preparation strategy in his own words:

  • The key step is to understand the requirements of the UPSC syllabus. Candidates can thus have an idea of ​​what to expect from the exams themselves.
  • In addition to preparing well for the exam, one must also focus on one’s own attitude. It is not enough to be well prepared with subject knowledge at hand but also mentally prepared for UPSC exams which will help immensely in the final interview.
  • In UPSC Mains, mastering the art of answer writing is crucial as some of your qualities will be evaluated based on the quality of the answers you write.
  • It is strongly recommended not to wait for the UPSC Prelims results to start preparing for mains as the time lag between the two stages is not enough to practice answer writing. One must practice the same at the very beginning of UPSC preparation.
  • One must remain motivated despite any setback that may occur by giving one’s best no matter what. This will help the candidates to have a clear head and focus on their goal which will help them immensely.


This was his second attempt at UPSC CSE and he chose Indian Foreign Service as his preferred service. His aim has always been to represent India on the global stage and now he hopes to do so to the best of his ability.