AIR 3 UPSC Topper Uma Harathi N Mock Interview | UPSC Topper 2022 

Uma Harathi UPSC

UPSC Topper 2022 Uma Harathi N got the third-place in the UPSC 2022 and hails from a small town in India. Driven by a strong aspiration to make a positive impact, she chose a career in civil services. Her remarkable success in the UPSC exam can be attributed to her unwavering dedication to her goals and her solid academic background. She laid the foundation for her expertise by completing a B.Tech in civil engineering from IIT-Hyderabad.

Uma Harathi Harathi N UPSC Topper2022

NameUma Harathi N
Roll Number1019872
Number of Attempts5
Optional SubjectAnthropology
Marital Status unknownEducation Qualification B. Tech Civil Engineering (IIT Hyderabad)
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Uma Harathi N UPSC Topper Biography

Uma Harathi N, born and raised in Telangana, achieved the third position in the 2019 UPSC Civil Service Examinations. Graduating with a degree in civil engineering, Uma Harathi N’s journey is inseparable from the unwavering support of her family. Her father serves as the superintendent of police for the Narayanpet district, while her mother is a dedicated homemaker. With her father’s wholehearted backing, Uma Harathi N pursued her decision to join the civil services.

Uma Harathi N UPSC Strategy

Uma Harathi’s path to achieving Rank 3 in the UPSC examination was defined by unwavering consistency, meticulous planning, and an unwavering focus on her objective. The UPSC civil services exam demands strict adherence to consistency and discipline. Additionally, continuous review and adjustment of one’s study plan are necessary for success.

  • During her preparation, she emphasized fostering a comprehensive understanding of the topics and subpoints, ensuring their thorough inclusion. 
  • Progress in the UPSC assessment relies on staying informed about ongoing tasks. 
  • Uma Harathi maintained a well-balanced approach to all areas of study, ensuring adequate coverage of the entire syllabus.
  • Completing practice tests facilitated time management, making it easier for her to manage her study time effectively.

Uma Harathi N Education Background

IAS Topper Uma Harathi N, who achieved AIR 3 in the UPSC 2022, is a graduate of IIT Hyderabad, where she pursued a B.Tech degree in civil engineering. Her schooling took place at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan in Hyderabad until the 10th class. After completing her graduation, Uma immediately commenced her UPSC preparation, selecting Anthropology as her optional subject.

Furthermore, Uma Harathi N gained valuable experience by working at a civil services coaching institute for six months. Initially coming to Delhi for her UPSC exam preparation, she encountered challenges finding the peace of mind necessary for efficient studying. To overcome this, she sought the support of her friends and engaged in group study sessions, effectively working towards her goal.

Success Story of Uma Harathi N

IAS Topper Uma Harathi N’s success story is incredibly motivating and serves as an inspiration to many. Despite facing challenges, she persevered and cleared the UPSC exam on her fifth attempt. Uma firmly believes in the importance of learning from failures and using them as stepping stones to do better in the future.

Her journey was far from easy, marked by both highs and lows. It took her four attempts before finally realizing her dream of cracking the civil services exam. Throughout this arduous process, her group study sessions with friends played a crucial role in contributing to her success. Moreover, she was fortunate to have unwavering support from her parents, who never questioned how long it would take for her to achieve her goal.

Uma Harathi N Struggles and Challenges

Uma Harathi N accomplished an impressive feat by securing AIR 3 in the UPSC 2022 exam. Nevertheless, this remarkable achievement was not without its share of challenges. Uma faced numerous struggles before finally cracking the exam on her fifth attempt.

During her third attempt, Uma made it to the interview stage but unfortunately failed due to her Mains exam score, which was not up to par. The turning point in her preparation came when she faced failure in the Prelims during her fourth attempt. This setback led her to realize that Geography, her previous optional subject, was not the right fit for her. Consequently, she made a crucial decision to switch to Anthropology.

IAS Topper Uma Harathi regards the experience of failure as an invaluable opportunity for introspection. It allowed her to take some time to reflect and gain a deeper understanding of herself. She acknowledges that the journey to cracking the UPSC exam is challenging and fraught with obstacles, but she firmly believes in learning from failures and persevering rather than giving up.