How Online IAS Coaching Have Been Making Use Of The Videos

How Online IAS Coaching Have Been Making Use Of The Videos

Online IAS coaching institutions have been effectively utilizing videos to assist aspiring IAS candidates in preparing for the Civil Services Exam. Civil Servants in India play a crucial role in the nation’s progress across various platforms such as politics, economics, and social issues. However, becoming a Civil Servant through the UPSC is no easy feat. The Civil Services Exam is known to be one of the most challenging exams, with over 10 lakhs students applying each year. Only a few manage to make it through the final stage, the Interview.

So how do videos help alleviate the stress faced by IAS aspirants? It is widely recognized that visual aids make learning and retaining information easier. Online IAS coaching institutions understand this and utilize videos to coach their students effectively.

Here are some advantages of using videos in online IAS coaching:

1. Abundance of online content

The internet provides a vast amount of content to prepare for the IAS Exam. Platforms like YouTube have numerous videos related to IAS Exam preparation. This abundance of content, available at no extra cost, is a huge advantage for aspirants.

2. Interactive and personalized learning

With video lectures, students can prepare at their own pace and convenience. These videos also offer analytics for individual learning patterns, allowing students to track their progress effectively.

3. Audience expansion

As the number of IAS aspirants continues to increase, traditional classroom coaching centers struggle to accommodate large batches. Online institutions can cater to a larger audience through video coaching sessions. Furthermore, recorded coaching sessions can be updated and reused to maintain the quality of coaching.

4. 24/7 availability

Videos are accessible at any time through online portals, providing students with the flexibility to learn whenever they prefer. In contrast, classroom coaching requires students to take notes during specific sessions, which can be hectic.

Online IAS coaching classes also offer additional features to enhance the learning experience, such as self-paced learning, live streaming for interactive sessions, remote feedback and tests, and live QA forums for interaction with teachers and peers.

Various subjects and papers are taught online, including optional subjects like economics, geography, psychology, sociology, philosophy, as well as the GS and CSAT papers for the Prelims and all papers for the Mains.

In recent times, online learning has gained popularity among IAS aspirants in India. Candidates opt for online coaching due to various reasons such as full-time jobs, inability to relocate, or personal circumstances. Online IAS coaching institutions provide opportunities for all aspiring candidates to prepare for the IAS Exam.

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