Best IAS Coaching in Delhi for a 3-year Foundation Course

Best IAS Coaching in Delhi for a 3-year Foundation Course

Indian Administrative Service, abbreviated as IAS is one of the most challenging competitive exams that train today’s generation to achieve their goals of becoming an officer and serving their country.  Delhi is among the most sought location in the country that has consistently performed in the IAS exam and raised some successful candidates that the country is proud to have. Although the location houses hosts of well-established and renowned institutes, not all institutes offer a variety of courses. Different IAS coaching institute in Delhi offers different types of IAS course for their students depending upon the duration and course opted for. Here is the best IAS Coaching in Delhi for a 3-year Foundation Course.

Best IAS Coaching in Delhi for a 3-year Foundation Course

A three foundation course allows students ample time to cover the vast as well as dynamic syllabus of the IAS exam. It also allows the student the flexibility of pursuing the college degree along with the preparation of the IAS exam Shankar IAS Academy is proven to be the best IAS coaching for a 3-year foundation course for obvious reasons. It is claimed to be an all-rounder institute which aims at benefiting students and raising real gems. Some of the most important reasons as to why it is technically proven to be the best IAS coaching in Delhi are as follows:-

World Class Infrastructure

The infrastructure of IAS coaching has an important role to play in the course of studying for such a challenging exam. A good infrastructure such as adequate lighting, ample teaching supplies, sitting capacity, and modern amenities provide for the ease of learning for the students. Shankar IAS Academy boasts some world-class amenities for its students to help create a healthy learning environment for their students.  The three-year foundation course is a long span and to motivate students to stay focus and work hard a good infrastructure is vital.

Teacher Student Ratio

Another advantage of securing a seat in Shankar IAS Academy is that the institute only allows up to 70 students per batch. It provides the student and teacher with an opportunity to have one-on-one interaction and allows them to design a road map and strategy that caters to the individual student’s capabilities and ability to the best extent. This in turn higher the chances of acing the IAS exam as the learning is designed keeping in mind the student’s ability to perform the test. 

Qualified Faculty

The institute draws its learned faculty from reputed institutes and has years of industry experience.   The faculty is an integral part of any IAS institute and can pave way for students to help clearing the IAS exam. The learned faculty of Shankar IAS Academy teaches the basic concept to students ably, with organized time management skills, and help them to develop an adequate schedule to improve their skills and ability essential for clearing the IAS exam.  The faculty are also provided for quick responses in case of queries related to the subject chosen and offer constructive feedback to help students prepare better for the impending test.

Pleasant Environment

One of the foremost factors for a student to show signs of development is a healthy environment. According to environmental experts, our surroundings have adverse effects on the human brain. Therefore, Shankar IAS Academy maintains a very education-friendly environment so that the student’s focus remains only on studies and not on anything else.

Promotes Personality Development

People, specifically Indians have always criticized the group studies and viewed it negatively because they believe that it is a total waste of time and the students will end up gossiping with each other. But they fail to realize that group studies involve the exchange of opinion and knowledge, which helps in the enhancement of skills. A batch of students full of different knowledge would interact with each other which turn out to be very fruitful for the growth of the mental orientation of students. For a 3-year foundation course, it is extremely beneficial for each student.

Online Classes

Online classes offer students the flexibility to study from even remote areas without compromising on the quality of education. Shankar IAS Academy provides online IAS coaching for students with Video Lectures, Live Classes with faculty, Chat facilities, etc to ensure that students are ably prepared to tackle the exam with ease. The updated and live classes help to favour the needs of the students and For the online classes, the batch size is 35 students. 

Trustworthy and Well-Reviewed by Students

 The student reviews also make Shankar IAS Academy the best in Delhi and perfectly suitable for a 3year foundation course. Based on the reviews of the present students and pass outs, it is evident Shankar IAS Academy stands out as one of the leading institutions in Delhi. It has provisions of professional teachers who are the great epitomes of knowledge. They shape the students in such a way that they not only gain knowledge but also learn to analyze the basic concepts from their learning. They arrange regular quizzes which helps the students. The institution is characterized by the provision of the distance learning program as well as adds on to its quality.

Thus, to conclude, Delhi has emerged greatly in the educational field due to the presence of certain reputed institutions and as a city, it has contributed greatly to the enhancement of literacy rates. There are various platforms which are providing civil service online exam preparation but Shankar IAS Academy offers the best 3-year online course. If you are coming from other parts of the country where an online coaching facility is not available then Shankar IAS Academy provides excellent online preparation materials and also online videos for IAS aspirants.

Shankar IAS Academy prepares IAS exam for all three levels and it provides modern facilities to the IAS aspirants with pre-recorded lectures, live class-rooms keeping the comfort of the students in mind. The teaching module is effective and the best attention is given to the IAS aspirants. The communicative guidance sessions are given to the aspirants. The students who start early for civil services coaching gets more time to prepare for the IAS exam.