AIR-13 Gaurav Budania UPSC Topper Mock Interview | IAS Topper 2020

Gaurav Budania UPSC Topper 2020

UPSC Topper 2020 Gaurav Budania from Rajasthan has broken UPSC and gotten AIR 13. He cleared the UPSC test on his most memorable endeavor. It is with his commitment and difficult work that he accomplished his fantasy about turning into an IAS. He initially has a place with churu which is known for high temperatures. He is a designer and finished in Mining Engineering. Subsequent to finishing B.Tech, he has done an expert’s in Sociology from BHU.

He has been a splendid understudy starting from the start. Gaurav Budania IAS got 80 RANK in the GATE test. As per Gaurav Budania, consistently go with a superior procedure when you are getting ready for the UPSC test. Difficult work and devotion towards your investigations is similarly significant. His uncle generally inspires him to plan for UPSC and become a government worker. It Will allow him an opportunity to work on something for the Nation.

 Biography of IAS Topper Gaurav Budania

Gaurav Budania has a place with Churu, Rajasthan. He finished his tutoring at Churu. Gaurav’s dad is an educator and his mom is a housewife. Subsequent to finishing their B.Tech from IIT BHU, he began the groundwork for UPSC when he was finishing his Master’. Gaurav Budania is a Hindi Medium understudy. His medium was English in the UPSC assessment. He was never embarrassed about his language. Gaurav exhorted all the UPSC up-and-comers, never to wonder whether or not to be a Hindi Medium understudy. 

As per Gaurav Budania, every one of the dialects is equivalent in the UPSC test. They give no inclination to a specific language. He set a model for every one of the Hindi Medium up-and-comers, they can score well in UPSC and some other tests. Simply have confidence in yourself and be sure about your examinations. Gaurav Budania’s discretionary subject was Anthropology. He scored well in the discretionary subject in the UPSC Topper 2020.

Gaurav Budania’s UPSC Journey | Gaurav Budania UPSC Topper

IAS Budania believes that there is huge competition in Union Public Service Commission Exam. So smart work is required to be done along with hard work. In an interview, he said that one should always think that he only has one attempt at this exam,, then they will be able to clear the exam in the first attempt, otherwise he has to keep trying until he finally passes it.

Gaurav Budania Marksheet

Indian Administrative Officer Gaurav scored 850 marks in Union Public Service Commission Mains written exam and scored 173 in the personality test. He scored 1023 in total and secured 13th rank in the UPSC Topper 2020 exam. Below is Gaurav Budania IAS Mark Sheet :

All India RankUPSC Mains (Written) Exam MarksPersonality Test MarksTotal Marks

Gaurav Budania Medium

Gaurav Budania’s medium was Hindi. He passed the written exam in English and chose the Hindi option for the interview. Hindi suited him better as he could present his views more clearly and had the right grip on the script; they don’t feel the same when they speak English.

All Hindi Medium candidates will be relieved to know that UPSC does not give any priority to a particular language, they only examine candidates based on their ability and knowledge. Setting an example for the upcoming aspirants, Budania made it clear that language will never be a barrier in the Union Public Service Commission exam

Strategy Of Gaurav Budania

Gaurav’s uncle often said that he should join the civil service and give back to society. As his uncle saw the potential that Gaurav could bring innovation with his talent. The nation needs people who know the ground reality. This always motivated him and finally, he made a strategy for himself to prepare for the UPSC Topper 2020 exam.

He advised the candidates to choose their electives wisely, and try to be aware of current affairs as it is a huge part, so it is better to do a little bit of it every day, revise the topics and solve as many papers as possible. In the exam, he divided his questions into five parts. Because at the time of preparation, he read the topic and wrote about it in 4 parts, while in one part he tried to write about a fact related to the reality he saw.

UPSC Preparation | Gaurav Budania UPSC Topper

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Sessions to Clear Doubts | Gaurav Budania UPSC Topper

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Conclusion |Gaurav Budania UPSC Topper

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