Not sure how to Start Preparing for UPSC? Here is a Head-Start

Not sure how to Start Preparing for UPSC

Begin is Not sure how to Start Preparing for UPSC! Discover the essential steps to kickstart your UPSC preparation today. The UPSC Civil services examination provides the gateway to the most celebrated posts of IAS, IPS etc. It is conducted in three stages i.e., Preliminary, Mains and Interview. To clear the toughest exam, aspirants should have a clear and concise Study Strategy.

Preparing for UPSC: Understanding the Syllabus

The first thing UPSC aspirants should focus on is understanding the Syllabus. They should properly study the syllabus in detail as it gives proper insights into the contents to be covered. The Prelims and Mains syllabus can be found on the UPSC official website.

Preparing for UPSC: Comprehensive Strategy

A proper strategy is a must to pass the UPSC examination. Aspirants should make a plan for both Prelims and Mains and implement it in a time-bound manner.

Proper selection of study Material

A large amount of study material is available in online and offline formats. Aspirants should consciously choose the study material according to the demand of each subject and stick to the same material throughout the preparation.

Focus on important concepts

The changing UPSC pattern demands aspirants to study smartly. Begin is Not sure how to Start Preparing for UPSC! Discover the essential steps to kickstart your UPSC preparation today. They should focus on studying the important concepts which are repeated often, such as reports, indices, and National parks in News.

Proper coverage of Current Affairs

The aspirants should cover the last two years’ current affairs for the Prelims and Mains examinations. It must be covered from standard sources such as Newspapers like The Hindu and Indian Express.

Previous Year questions Pattern

The aspirants should properly study the pattern of previous year questions. This will help them cover the key points from the syllabus, as previous year question papers provide the most important topics.

Mental and Physical Health

Along with the proper strategy and resources, the most important thing aspirants should focus on is their physical and mental health. They should take good rest, eat healthy, exercise on a daily basis, and meditate to handle the stress.

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