Why Sociology is a Good Optional Subject for Civil Services Exam?

Why Sociology is a Good Optional Subject for Civil Services Exam?

Why Sociology is a Good Optional Subject for Civil Services Exam?- The optional subject in the civil services exam has become increasingly important in recent times. The marks in the General Studies (GS) mains have started to plateau, so the score in the optional subject plays a crucial role in determining the final rank. A high score in the optional subject can boost your ranking and help you achieve your dream of becoming a civil servant. However, it is important to choose the optional subject wisely and based on your interests rather than following market trends. If you have a deep interest in the subject, you are more likely to score well. Choosing an optional subject requires careful consideration and time, as you will need to study and delve deep into the subject for several years. Moreover, you will need to refer to various study materials and books to cover the syllabus. Therefore, it is essential to choose the right optional subject after evaluating your interests.

When it comes to selecting the “best” optional subject, the answer varies from person to person. However, sociology can be a wonderful option for several reasons. Studying sociology allows you to learn about society, its structure, institutions, social changes, and social problems. It helps you understand your own society better and encourages you to think about various aspects of society from an academic perspective. Sociology removes the barrier between you and society, bringing you closer to the roots and pillars of the society. It opens your eyes to the positive aspects of society and helps you recognize and address its issues. By studying sociology, you can become an aware citizen and gain a better understanding of your society. If you become an IAS officer, you will be better equipped to address social problems and bring about positive changes in society.

Sociology, being the science of society, provides a deeper and broader understanding of society. It enables you to trace the roots of social problems, comprehend them at a deeper level, and view the issues from a multidimensional perspective. When I studied sociology for the civil services exam, I realized the beauty and importance of this subject. Moreover, sociology has yielded good scores for me consistently. In my first attempt, with haphazard preparation and incomplete coverage of the syllabus, I scored slightly below average. However, in subsequent attempts, after thorough preparation and answer writing practice, I scored one of the highest marks in the country in the optional subject. Sociology turned out to be a scoring subject without much unpredictability or randomness. It rewarded my efforts consistently, leading to my success in the exam.

I do not intend to impose sociology as the only choice for an optional subject. However, I want to highlight the various positives of sociology that may help you make an informed decision. You must choose the subject that suits you best and where you can perform the best. This decision may take time, but it is worth it. Considering the size of the syllabus, sociology has a concise and precise syllabus that can be finished in a reasonable amount of time. The subject matter is highly relevant and familiar to everyday life, enabling you to understand the issues in a structured pattern. The syllabus also includes interlinkages between different topics, making it easier to connect the content and produce well-rounded answers. Additionally, sociology is open to all academic backgrounds, so you do not need prior expertise to excel in this subject.

In conclusion, sociology is a good optional subject for the civil services exam due to its relevance, the deeper understanding it provides about society, and its consistent scoring potential. However, the choice of an optional subject should be made based on individual interests and strengths. Take your time and carefully evaluate the various factors before deciding on the optimal subject for you.

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