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b pharma college in kolkata

The pharmaceutical industry is a booming sector in India. The ever-growing demand for healthcare services and the rampant prevalence of diseases like diabetes, asthma, cancer, and cardiovascular disorders are fuelling the growth of this sector. The pharmaceutical industry in India is growing at a rapid pace with an annual growth rate of 15%. Many students who have a keen interest in the field of pharmacy can make their career choice as per their choice. Nowadays, more and more people are looking for B Pharma College in Kolkata from where they can pursue undergraduate courses in pharmacy. So if you are also one among them then search no more because we will help you to find one from the list of 10 Best pharmacy colleges in Kolkata. They are all well-regarded for their academics, reputation, and student support services. Each also has several additional features that make it stand out as an institution worth considering. These features include location, facilities, amenities available to students, admission requirements, and more.

Why Choose B Pharma College in Kolkata?

B Pharma College in Kolkata is a well-known and reputed college, which offers excellent higher education in pharmacy. The college provides a wide range of courses for students, who want to pursue a career in pharmaceutical sciences. These Colleges also offer a lot of opportunities for research work under qualified professors and experts. They provide an excellent opportunity to learn more about new techniques and developments happening in the field of pharmacy.  Top Pharmacy colleges in Kolkata also provide placements at national and international level. These Colleges provide all amenities that are required by any student to lead a happy and healthy life away from home. There are many famous pharma companies such as Dr Reddy’s Laboratories, Wockhardt, Lupin Limited, etc., which conduct interviews on campus for their various job vacancies. So there are many reasons to choose these colleges as your choice of study, if you are thinking about studying pharmacy. We have compiled a list of 10 best B pharma colleges in Kolkata that will help you choose one of them.

B Pharma College in Kolkata is amongst the best colleges for B Pharma. They not only teach you to become a pharmacist but also prepare you for a successful career in this industry. The course is designed to help students acquire skills and knowledge of biological and pharmaceutical sciences. Students get their degrees from these colleges after completing four years of study including six semesters of theory, practicals, internship (in hospitals), and research. The curriculum is designed by top-notch professors who are experts in their field. With an overall excellent standard, these colleges provide high-quality education with good infrastructure and well-equipped labs. It offers placements through which students get placed in multinational companies. With facilities like a library, cafeteria, internet access, auditorium, and others on offer, it provides all the necessary support to ensure that students can learn effectively. These colleges have world-class faculty members with expertise in teaching various disciplines related to pharmacy. That’s Why B Pharma College in Kolkata is the Best.

There are many B Pharma Colleges in Kolkata that are the Best and they are providing quality education and facilities to their students. They have the latest infrastructure, lab equipment, and a library with a good collection of books. Some colleges provide international exposure by involving internships, short-term courses, and exchange programmes. Students also get an opportunity to participate in research projects conducted by reputed professors which enhances their academic skills. Apart from academics, these colleges have created a healthy environment for sports activities, cultural events, extracurricular activities, etc. Students are provided with all the facilities such as hostel facility (in some colleges), canteen facility, transportation facility etc. Many colleges have to tie up with leading hospitals in the city so that students can learn practical knowledge. You may also want to look for a program that provides internship opportunities or labs where you can get hands-on experience. There are numerous B Pharma College in Kolkata is the Best but we have shortlisted 10 of them for you below.

B.Pharma College in Kolkata fees and expenses when compared to other cities is reasonable. The annual tuition fee for an undergraduate course in Kolkata is not high, which is comparatively less than what one pays in Delhi and Mumbai. Living costs are also cheaper here as compared to these two metropolises and so it can be called a cost-effective education investment. The city of Kolkata has always been a favorable destination for those who want to study pharmacy because of its rich culture and heritage. Besides, the city is home to some of the best pharmacy colleges in India like the Institute of Chemical Technology and Medical College where one can choose from undergraduate, postgraduate, or doctoral courses in various pharmaceutical sciences. Besides, graduates from top pharmacy colleges in Kolkata usually have no difficulty securing good job opportunities with leading MNCs and reputed pharma firms in India or abroad. It means that being a graduate from any of the pharmacy colleges in Kolkata will offer numerous prospects for professional success. One just needs to select a good institution that offers a quality education at a reasonable price. And this is where we come in with our list of ten best pharmacy colleges in Kolkata, all of them providing value for money with affordable fee structures and excellent career prospects. So take a look at the list below

How to Choose the Best B Pharma College in Kolkata?

Choosing the best B Pharma College in Kolkata is not an easy task. There are several factors that are considered when choosing a college, including location, admissions policies, and degree offerings. However, the most important factor to keep in mind is the curriculum. The pharmacy program should meet your needs as a student and prepare you for the next step in your career.  Before enrolling in any particular college, be sure that it provides courses on all aspects of pharmacy, such as biochemistry and pharmacology. In addition, there should be an emphasis on medicine management courses that provide the knowledge necessary for medical professionals. Lastly, the school should offer a variety of electives such as nutrition or pharmaceutics that can expand your skill set and lead to more opportunities post-graduation. If these criteria seem like they match up with what you’re looking for in a college, we’ve found 10 Colleges in Kolkata with good programs.

Every B Pharma college in Kolkata has its own factors for evaluation. The following are some of the factors that you should consider when choosing a B pharmacy college in Kolkata:

  • College Reputation – A good reputation is an indication of the quality of education that a pharmacy college provides. You should therefore not disregard a good reputation if it is something that you can get with minimal effort and cost.
  • College Facilities-The facilities at colleges can vary greatly, so it is important to take this into consideration before choosing one to enroll in. Some people may prefer living in dorms while others would rather live off campus and commute to school. So make sure to find out what type of facilities are available before deciding on a pharmacy college in Kolkata.
  • Tuition Cost-It is also necessary to find out how much tuition will cost because this will be your only expense other than living costs and books which you can check out from the library or purchase cheaply online (for your convenience).
  •  Curriculum-Different pharmacy colleges have different curriculums and there might be ones that specialize more in certain areas than others, such as sports medicine or psychiatry. So be sure to choose one that suits your needs best!
  •  Location of Colleges – You should also consider the location of a particular pharmacy college when choosing which one is best for you. This will depend on if you like a city setting, or if you would rather live near a beach area. Additionally, some people prefer being close to their family so they can visit often while others prefer going away for college for personal development reasons.

If you are commuting from far away it is likely that classes will affect how long it takes you to get home and travel back each day during rush hour traffic which may interfere with your sleep schedule at night so finding an optimal commute time should be taken into consideration before making any final decisions on where to study!

If you are looking for a Top B Pharma College in Kolkata, you need to keep in mind that there are many options available. This makes it difficult to know which college is right for you. To help you with your search, Here are some tips that help will you choose a Top B Pharma College in Kolkata:

1: Find a school with faculty that specializes in your desired field of study.

2: Find out what type of research is being done at the institution to see if it aligns with your interests or future aspirations.

3: Consider whether you want to attend a small or large institution, or somewhere in between. Smaller schools may have more opportunities for hands-on experience while larger institutions may have more resources available to help you succeed academically.

4: If you know how much money you would like to spend, consider how much aid is available before enrolling in a particular college.

5: Contact people who work at the university or ask an admissions officer what they think about the school’s quality. Ask about any specific majors offered and their strengths.

Before committing to attending a college, visit campuses that interest you and find out what daily life is like on campus. The most important thing to do when looking for a B Pharma College in Kolkata is to consider which factors are most important to you so you can narrow down your choices.

WAC’s 10 Best B Pharma College in Kolkata

You’re in the market for a B Pharma college, but how can you find the best one? WAC has an answer! We’ve compiled 10 of the best colleges that offer B Pharma degrees in Kolkata. We cover their location, available courses, and what they have to offer current and future students. We also include things to consider when choosing your colleges, such as facilities and resources, tuition fees and scholarships, on-campus housing options, and student-faculty ratios, so you know what questions to ask before enrolling.

b pharma college in kolkata

Rank 1: Guru Nanak Institute Of Pharmaceutical Science And Technology

GNIPST, was established in 2005 and is a member of MAKAUT, Kolkata. It is ranked 67 in All India Rank amongst Pharmacy colleges by NIRF 2020, the GNIPST is one of the best institutions offering degree in pharmaceutical sciences. The institute offers UG and PG courses in Pharmaceutical Sciences. The Institute is well-equipped with laboratories, libraries, and reading rooms.

It also has an excellent faculty that consists of eminent scientists, professors, and visiting faculty from eminent universities all over the world. These faculties have enabled it to produce some of the best professionals with sound knowledge in pharmacy. This college imparts training on the latest trends in research for advanced development of drug formulation, drug quality control, and testing, pharmacology, clinical pharmacy as well as hospital administration. 

GNIPST not only trains students but also helps them improve their analytical thinking skills which are needed for any job related to this field. With its commitment to excellence,  GNIPST has been able to attract international scholars and guests such as Professor.

A blend of dedication, hard work, and encouragement helps the institute maintain its reputation among Indian colleges.  It not only focuses on academics but also gives importance to extracurricular activities. The university organizes symposiums, seminars, and conferences annually where experts are invited from different parts of India and abroad. Students get a chance to interact with these experts which enhances their experience. 

The students are always encouraged to take up projects in areas they are interested in; so far more than 1000 projects have been conducted by the students including national-level projects sponsored by the Government of India under various schemes. It may be concluded that GNIPST is one of those prestigious institutes in Kolkata which provides education in pharmaceutical science and technology.

Bachelor of Pharmacy [B.Pharma]: 10+2

Total Fees: ₹ 478,000

  • Address: 157/F, Nilgunj Rd, Sahid Colony, Panihati, Kolkata, West Bengal 700114
  • Number: 089024 96653
  • Email: principal_gnipst jisgroup.org
  • Website: https://www.gnipst-pc.ac.in/
b pharma college in kolkata

Rank 2: NSHM Knowledge Campus | Pharmacy College in Kolkata

NSHM Knowledge Campus is one of the best colleges for pharmacy education, located in Kolkata. Established way back in 1997, this institute has produced more than 4000 graduates and offers a range of courses from undergraduate to postgraduate level. The college also offers courses related to biotechnology and management studies too.

NSHM Knowledge Campus is situated on Royd Street with a sprawling campus of around 24 acres, offering state-of-the-art facilities such as two well-stocked libraries, laboratories, and lecture halls. There are also hostels with all the modern amenities for both boys and girls. For students who are not living in Kolkata, they offer lodging facilities at the campus itself. 

They have a team of qualified faculty members with hands-on experience and excellent track records of teaching. Apart from academics, there is an array of extracurricular activities like sports, dramatics, and cultural events that will help you develop your personality along with gaining invaluable knowledge.

In addition to various scholarships available exclusively for their students by corporate sponsorships or private donations, NSHM Knowledge Campus strives hard to make the dream of higher education come true for every deserving student. Not only does it provide merit-based scholarships but also ensures that fee concessions are given to needy and meritorious students. You can Read this Blog for details about the hostel fees, fee concession schemes, and scholarship information. With its low cost of living and its variety of academic options, enrolling in NSHM Knowledge Campus may be the best decision you ever make.

Bachelor of Pharmacy [B.Pharm]: 10+2

₹ 420,0001st Yr Fees

  • Address: 124, 60, Basanta Lal Saha Rd, Tara Park, Behala, Kolkata, West Bengal 700053
  • Number: 033 2403 2301
  • Email: contactus@nshm.com
  • Website: https://www.nshm.com/
Rank 3: Adamas University

Rank 3: Adamas University | B Pharma College in Kolkata

Adamas University, located in Barasat, India, opened its doors in the year 2014. It currently offers degrees in 8 different schools that provide degrees for both undergraduate and graduate-level students. The school property for Adamas University covers a large area and includes beautifully landscaped gardens and beautifully decorated buildings.

All the classrooms have all the necessary amenities for teaching with good audio-visual equipment, spacious classrooms, and libraries stocked with resources for research purposes. All major subjects are offered at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels with experienced faculty members guiding them.

A notable feature of Adamas University is that it provides lab facilities for students to carry out research and experiments related to their chosen field of study. Thus, Adamas University can be regarded as one of the best pharmacy college in kolkata with a sprawling campus and state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Admissions are open all year round at a competitive and affordable fee structure, which makes it an attractive destination for aspiring pharmacists from different corners of India. If you are planning on enrolling yourself in the pharmacy college in Kolkata then you should seriously consider enrolling at Adamas University, which is ranked among the top 10 pharma colleges in Kolkata.

Bachelor of Pharmacy [B.Pharm]: 10+2

₹ 201,2501st Yr Fees

  • Address: Barrackpore-Barasat Rd, 24 Parganas North, Jagannathpur, Kolkata, West Bengal 700126
  • Number: 1800 419 7423
  • Email: contactus@adamasuniversity.ac.in
  • Website: https://adamasuniversity.ac.in/
b pharma college in kolkata

Rank: 4 Brainware University | Pharmacy College in Kolkata

Founded 33 years ago, Brainware University, Kolkata is part of Brainware of West Bengal, an educational company. Brainware University was founded five years ago by Phalguni Mookhopadhayay, its hands-on Chancellor, whose vision transformed it into one of the best learning institutions in the world. Located in Kolkata, West Bengal, Brainware University is a UGC-recognized private university that offers more than 55 Ph.D., PG, UG, diploma, and skill programs.

The college believes that quality education should be accessible to all and hence has kept its fees affordable. The classrooms are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities so that students get the best environment to learn.

A number of scholarships, both merit and need-based, have been introduced by This University to ensure that everyone gets an opportunity for a good education. The University also offers flexible teaching hours which make it easier for those who work or study at the same time.

Besides high-quality teaching, This University also provides numerous opportunities for extracurricular activities like music and dance competitions, debates, quizzes, art competitions, etc. In order to make sure that no student is left behind, This University offers a dedicated support staff that looks after any problems faced by the students as well as their parents during their stay here. Students can take advantage of the library and computer labs for research purposes.

Every course offered by Brainware University is designed keeping in mind the needs of the industry professionals today and will enable them to keep pace with global developments. Brainware has made huge strides in helping companies identify talent from a diverse pool of fresh engineering graduates who are committed to serving India, working towards national goals, and solving real-world problems using cutting-edge technology.

Bachelor of Pharmacy [B.Pharma]: 10+2 with 55%

₹ 649,6001st Yr Fees

  • Address: 398, Ramkrishnapur Rd, near Jagadighata Market, Barasat, Kolkata, West Bengal 700125
  • Number: 070444 47723
  • Email: info@brainwareuniversity.ac.in
  • Website: https://www.brainwareuniversity.ac.in/
b pharma college in kolkata

Rank: 5 Jadavpur University

Jadavpur University, located in Kolkata, is one of the top-rated public technical universities in the country. Jadavpur University provides courses at UG, graduate, and doctoral levels. Jadavpur is renowned for its excellent engineering and science departments.

In addition to excellent academics, Jadavpur University has an array of extracurricular activities including sports and clubs catering to different interests. With many world-renowned alumni and faculty, We believe that this school really knows how to foster creativity and innovation in its students. They have such an inclusive environment that everyone feels welcome. 

They are also active in giving back to the community. Students volunteer with NGOs on weekends and come up with solutions to solve problems they see in society. It’s so refreshing to see that kind of engagement from young people.

Their awareness of environmental and social issues makes me hopeful about our future. We can tell that their professors care about them too. Professors take time out of their day to have conversations with students, help answer questions outside of class and even go out into the city with them.

As a student at Jadavpur University, you’ll be surrounded by brilliant minds who push you toward your best work while making sure you’re having fun along the way. You might spend a Saturday afternoon in the library finishing up your paper or getting coffee with one of your professors.

There are opportunities to join clubs like theater clubs or robotics clubs where like-minded individuals unite over shared passions. That’s Why It is one of the Top 10 B Pharma colleges in Kolkata.

Bachelor of Pharmacy [B.Pharm]: 10+2 

 ₹ 2,4001st Yr Fees

  • Address: 188, Raja Subodh Chandra Mallick Rd, Jadavpur, Kolkata, West Bengal 700032
  • Number: 033 2457 2227
  • Email: vc@admin.jdvu.ac.in
  • Website: http://www.jaduniv.edu.in/
b pharma college in kolkata

Rank 6: Sister Nivedita University

Sister Nivedita University, Kolkata, established in 2017, offers undergraduate, postgraduate, and diploma courses in a variety of disciplines. S.N.U is well-known for its course offerings in such majors as Business Management, Health Sciences, Nursing, Pharmacy, and Mass Communication and Journalism. 

SNU has a great placement record with an average of 85% of jobs secured in the past 3 years. It also provides value-added services like world-class infrastructural facilities and academic excellence. It gives students the opportunity to do internships or work on projects with industries and research labs.

There are lab facilities, classrooms, and training labs available on campus to meet their needs. It also organizes annual festivals for the holistic development of students that include seminars, workshops, cultural programs, etc.

Students at Sister Nivedita University also have access to career counselors, counseling and guidance center, helpline center, and health center which help them get professional guidance from qualified professionals.

They provide a global education environment and an open-minded teaching system. In short, they provide what every student requires to grow academically and personally while being competitive. The university ensures that no student goes without anything they need. The dedication and care of teachers towards students make the university one of the best colleges in Kolkata.

Bachelor of Pharmacy [B.Pharma]: 10+2 with 50%

 ₹ 223,5501st Yr Fees

  • Address: DG 1/2 New Town, Action Area 1, Kolkata – 700156
  • Number: +91 7595044470
  • Email: info@snuniv.ac.in
  • Website: https://snuniv.ac.in/
b pharma college in kolkata

Rank: 7 Techno India University

 Offering both undergraduate and postgraduate courses, Techno India University has been ranked as one of India’s leading pharmacy colleges. In addition to excellent teaching facilities, students also have access to an impressive array of recreational opportunities on campus.

Furthermore, being situated near some of Kolkata’s key attractions means that students are able to enjoy a host of cultural activities. With frequent trips out into the surrounding countryside and nearby beaches, all students at TU can look forward to a varied, sociable college experience.

Students also have access to free internet, a bus service, two canteens, and six hostels. The results of their courses are highly respected by employers across India and abroad. Students choose Techno India University, Kolkata because of its proven track record of excellence.

Furthermore, with a huge variety of student societies and regular trips to cultural locations as well as nearby beaches, you can be sure that your life outside class will be just as rewarding. By choosing to study at TU you’re entering one of India’s top pharmacy colleges. They are fully committed to providing all their students with a wonderful learning experience whilst still having lots of fun along the way. If you want to study among great academic and sporting opportunities then look no further than TU! 

Bachelor of Pharmacy [B.Pharm]: 10+2

 ₹ 158,5501st Yr Fees

  • Address: EM-4, EM Block, Sector V, Bidhannagar, Kolkata, West Bengal 700091
  • Number: 098365 44419
  • Email: admission@technoindiauniversity.ac.in
  • Website: https://www.technoindiaeducation.com/
b pharma college in kolkata

Rank 8: The Neotia University | Top Pharmacy Colleges in Kolkata

Neotia University is one of the best B Pharma Colleges in Kolkata, India. This college has a lot to offer any student who wants to learn about science and medicine. The curriculum provides a strong scientific basis for understanding the human body and health systems.

There are many opportunities for research projects, which will benefit from the sophisticated laboratory facilities that are offered here. Experiential learning is also very important at this school, so students can apply what they have learned by getting hands-on experience during clinical rotations.

Student clubs and activities give people with similar interests the chance to come together. These extracurricular groups contribute greatly to the social life on campus and provide other opportunities for growth. One thing that sets this College apart from others is its commitment to sustainable development. The institute conducts regular assessments of the environmental impact it causes, and ensures these effects are minimized as much as possible through education and outreach programs. With all these offerings, it’s easy to see why Neotia University is one of the best B Pharma Colleges in Kolkata.

Bachelor of Pharmacy [B.Pharm]: 10+2 with 60%

₹ 174,0001st Yr Fees

  • Address: 756X+849, Jhinger Pole, Diamond Harbour Rd, Sarisha, West Bengal 743368
  • Number: 091636 10909
  • Email: admission@tnu.in
  • Website: https://www.tnu.in/
pharmacy college in kolkata

Rank: 9 Nexxus Healthcare Innovation

Nexxus Healthcare Innovation is one of the best colleges for top pharmacy colleges in kolkata. The college offers both undergraduate and postgraduate courses for pharmacy professionals. Students are given opportunities to work with leading pharmaceutical companies and research institutes, thus getting an insight into the industry from within.

 Apart from academic learning, they also get ample opportunities to showcase their talent through various intra-college competitions and projects. The Department has a well-equipped library housing books on all aspects of pharmacy.

It also provides students with access to scientific journals, which form an integral part of the syllabus for both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. The Department also conducts regular refresher courses for teaching faculty and students about state-of-the-art technologies and methods that can be incorporated into their syllabus.

Their goal is to ensure that a student graduating from Nexxus Healthcare Innovation gets all the necessary exposure not just to compete but to excel. This approach has helped make Nexxus Healthcare Innovation one of Kolkata’s top colleges for pharmacy education.

Bachelor of Pharmacy [B.Pharma]: 10+2

 ₹ 1.24 LFirst year Fees

  • Address: Prafullakanan, P. O. Prafullakanan (Near VIP Road) Kolkata – 700101
  • Number: 8017740186
  • Website: http://www.nhicareer.com/
pharmacy college in kolkata

Rank: 10 Eminent College Of Pharmaceutical Technology

Eminent College Of Pharmaceutical Technology (ECPT) is one of the most prestigious colleges for learning Pharmacy courses in Kolkata. ECPT has dedicated itself to training students to be excellent technologists, skilled managers, and professionals with high ethical standards, attuned to global challenges.

ECPT believes that its success depends on the team of faculty and staff who work hard to make sure that the students acquire all knowledge and skills necessary for a career at par with international standards. The various facilities which are made available by the institute include laboratories, computer centers, libraries, etc.

The goal of ECPT is not just to produce experts in pharmacy but also to offer quality education so that students can achieve excellence both inside and outside the classroom. The institution offers programs from diploma level through doctoral degree programmes.

It also provides specializations in pharmaceutics; pharmaceutical management; pharmaceutical law & ethics; drug safety and regulatory affairs; pharmacology & toxicology etc. The main advantage of studying at ECPT is that it produces graduates who have a thorough understanding of theoretical concepts as well as practical application which makes them employable easily.

Bachelor of Pharmacy [B.Pharma]: 10+2 with 45%

₹ 93,5001st Yr Fees

  • Address: Moshpukr, Barbaria, Paschim Khilkapur, Barasat, Jagannathpur, West Bengal 700126
  • Number: 084204 30756
  • Email: ecptkol@yahoo.com
  • Website: https://www.ecpt.in/

Why Should One Opt for the WAC’s 10 Best B Pharma College in Kolkata

If you are looking for a great B Pharma College in Kolkata, then you should go for the WAC’s 10 Best B Pharma College in Kolkata. This college is well known for its excellent services and top-notch infrastructure. The campus of this college is situated in one of the most happening places in the city, which makes it very easy to access and reach. The faculty at this college is highly qualified and experienced and they always give their best to make sure that their students get the best education possible. Not only does this college provide high-quality education but they also ensure that their students are made aware of all the opportunities available to them post-graduation so that they can make a good decision about their future career path. The WAC’s 10 Best B Pharma College in Kolkata will help you live your dream and achieve your goals with the right degree from a reputed college.

Our B Pharma College in Kolkata Market Research Team is the best as we have thoroughly done our research on the top b pharmacy colleges in Kolkata rankings to provide you with the most complete list of colleges. We have also taken into account factors such as employability rate, placements, infrastructure facilities, curriculum offered, and international exposure. and more to bring you this list of the top ten pharmacy colleges in Kolkata.

The WAC has helped students find the best pharmacy college in Kolkata. We have helped students take their next step in this process by giving them all the relevant details, covering these colleges, and providing their contact information, fee Details, and about their faculties. Students can feel more comfortable with making a decision about where to apply when they are armed with the knowledge of what each college offers and reviews from former students about what it was like to attend. We hope our blogs will help you make an informed decision so you can choose the right school for your needs.

All Other Best B Pharma College in Kolkata

Many pharmacy college in kolkata is very famous in India and they offer quality education with the best faculties to their students but students also have many options to choose from when it comes to studying at these colleges, there are also many other good B Pharma Colleges in Kolkata which the students can take admission into if they want to study at those colleges as well. We will now talk about those other Best B Pharma Colleges in Kolkata that students can apply to if they are not satisfied with the first one that they applied to. Here is the list of all those Other Best B Pharma Colleges in Kolkata.

M.R. College Of Pharmaceutical Sciences And Research

Other: 1 M.R. College Of Pharmaceutical Sciences And Research

The M.R College of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research, Kolkata, established in 1963, is one of the leading pharmacy colleges in West Bengal. The curriculum focuses on advanced analytical, pharmaceutical, and medicinal chemistry courses with practical training through case studies, lab work, and clinical interactions.

Classroom learning is complemented by visits to renowned industry companies that provide invaluable exposure to working in a real-world setting. Students also have an opportunity to learn more about the latest research developments and work with talented faculty members.

Facilities include well-equipped lecture halls, labs, and libraries with over 40,000 volumes of books. Numerous opportunities for field trips, extracurricular activities, and special seminars are available for students who want to explore their interests outside the classroom.

Opportunities exist for undergraduate research projects as well as internships at different organizations which offer unparalleled experience in professional settings. The strong alumni network offers a pool of contacts for jobs or graduate schools abroad or within India. The curriculum has been upgraded to meet International standards with the introduction of new concepts like a virtual pharma design studio in place.

Bachelor of Pharmacy [B.Pharma]: 10+2

 ₹ 102,0001st Yr Fees

 PMIT Group Of Colleges

Other: 2 PMIT Group Of Colleges | Pharmacy College in Kolkata

Established in 1969, The PMIT Group Of Colleges is a renowned private institute situated in Kolkata. It offers various undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral courses. Around 2500 students study in this institution which has four campus buildings.

All the buildings are connected by an underground tunnel which makes it easy to move between buildings and classrooms. The campus also has a library with more than 4000 books, computers with internet access, and 24-hour security.

Apart from good infrastructure, the institution has well-qualified faculty members that have helped in shaping many careers. Students get opportunities for internships abroad. The facilities offered at this college include hostels, a gymnasium, a playing ground and a mess hall. The website contains all the necessary information about fee structure, application form, course details, and other important aspects related to studying at PMIT Group Of Colleges.

Bachelor of Pharmacy [B.Pharma]: 10+2 with 50%

₹ 420,0001st Yr Fees

  • Address: 41/1B, Ramkanto Bose Street 3Rd floor, Near SHYAMBAZAR Metro Gate No-3, Kolkata, West Bengal 700003
  • Phone: 083350 88888
  • Email: care@pmitcolleges.org
  • Website: https://pmitcolleges.org/
Seacom Pharmacy College | Top Pharmacy Colleges in Kolkata

Other: 3 Seacom Pharmacy College | Top Pharmacy Colleges in Kolkata

Seacom Pharmacy College is one of the best pharmacy colleges in Kolkata and provides vast knowledge to students. The college has well-qualified, experienced, and dedicated faculty members who keep themselves up-to-date with the latest developments in their field by attending various conferences, seminars, workshops, and training programmes.

Students are given ample opportunities to participate in scholastic competitions organized by various educational institutions as well as to represent the institution at various national-level events. They have also won awards for several prestigious projects from reputed institutions.

A smart classroom equipped with multimedia facilities enables students to learn more about chemistry, biology, and physics through interactive presentations. Besides regular lectures, the college conducts subject-specific lectures for advanced topics.

The teaching methodology includes group discussion sessions, class tutorials, and laboratory demonstrations followed by practicals. Well-equipped laboratories enable students to gain hands-on experience in designing experiments.

Field trips provide an opportunity for experiential learning. Along with degree courses in pharmacy, subjects like pharmaceutical marketing, pharmaceutical management, and computer applications are also taught which gives the students a chance to make choices according to their interests.

Bachelor of Pharmacy [B.Pharma]: 10+2

Total Fees: ₹3.75 Lakh

At Calcutta Institute Of Pharmaceutical Technology & Allied Health Sciences

Other: 4 At Calcutta Institute Of Pharmaceutical Technology & Allied Health Sciences

At Calcutta Institute Of Pharmaceutical Technology & Allied Health Sciences, they offer a wide range of courses including Pharmacy, Allied Health Sciences and Management. The college also offers placement services for its students.

They have tie-ups with pharmaceutical companies. The institute also has its own laboratory that is equipped with modern equipment and well-trained staff for research work. It’s been a decade since the institute was founded and it has seen constant progress.

In addition to the theoretical sessions, there are practical classes too where one can learn by doing. The education at this institute is of international standards which makes it one of the best institutes to get your degree. There are high-end facilities such as hostel rooms, a library, a lab, etc. If you want to study pharma sciences at its best then this is the place to be.

Bachelor of Pharmacy [B.Pharma]: 10+2 with 45% + WBJEE

 ₹ 103,2001st Yr Fees

  • Address: Banitabla, Uluberia, Howrah, West Bengal 711316
  • Number: 033 2661 0736
  • Email: admission@urschard.in
  • Website: https://cipt.urschard.in/
BCDA College of Pharmacy and Technology

Other: 5 BCDA College of Pharmacy and Technology

BCDA College of Pharmacy and Technology is one of the best B.Pharma Colleges in Kolkata, India. It has a sprawling 25-acre campus with all modern amenities for students and faculty members alike. Apart from being one of the top-ranked pharmacy colleges in West Bengal, BCDA College also caters to the needs of pharmacy professionals and research scholars across various nationalities.

The college possesses the latest equipment and facilities that are required by its course curriculum. The departments of biotechnology, analytical chemistry, organic chemistry, pharmaceutical sciences, and pharmacognosy have state-of-the-art laboratories that have advanced instrumentation for teaching as well as for research purposes.

In addition to it, an ultramodern library offers necessary books and journals pertaining to pharmacy. The central library maintains more than 8000 volumes of books and journals including foreign publications in English, German, French and Spanish languages.

A hostel facility is also available for boys on campus which can accommodate 600 inmates at a time. There are separate hostels for girls too which can accommodate 500 inmates at any given time. BCDA College of Pharmacy and Technology has been rightly awarded as one of the finest B.Pharm colleges in West Bengal.

Bachelor of Pharmacy [B.Pharma]: 10+2 with 45% + WBJEE

Total Fees: ₹ 357,000

  • Address: 78, Jessore Rd, South), Hridaypur, Barasat, Kolkata, West Bengal 700127
  • Number: 094338 41204
  • Email: bcda_principal@yahoo.co.in 
  • Website: https://www.bcdapt.com/

Frequently Asked Questions about B Pharma College in Kolkata

These are just some of the questions prospective students often ask about pharmacy college in kolkata.

B pharma is a four-year undergraduate degree that provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to work as pharmacists. B pharma is accredited by the Pharmacy Council of India, which means that graduates can apply for registration with the Council. Graduates will be eligible to take up jobs as pharmacists or pursue further study at the postgraduate level.

While pharmacy is a career that has many different types of opportunities, it is best to specialize in a niche area. The most popular fields are Oncology, Anesthesiology, and Emergency Medicine.

Yes, B Pharm has a lot of scopes. A pharmacist is needed at various places such as hospitals and pharmacies. So, this profession is always in demand. In addition, there are also opportunities to work with universities and pharmaceutical companies as well.

More Frequently Asked Questions About the Best B Pharma College in Kolkata

it can be difficult to determine which pharmacy college in Kolkata will be the best fit. But before you start searching, consider these frequently asked questions about B Pharma colleges in Kolkata so you can research and make an informed decision.

Q. Are B Pharm Colleges in Kolkata Good?

The B Pharmacy Colleges in Kolkata are very good and recognized by the Association of Indian Universities. If you are looking for a pharmacy course, then it is a good idea to take admission to B Pharmacy Colleges in Kolkata.

Q. Are there any scholarships available for pursuing a pharmacy degree?

There are scholarships available for pursuing a pharmacy degree, but they vary by school. Some schools offer merit-based scholarships, and some offer need-based scholarships.

Q. Is B Pharm easy to pass?

B. Pharm is not an easy course to pass, but with a lot of hard work and dedication, it is possible. With the help of a good quality B. Pharm coaching institute and support from your family, you can make it!