Why does Internet of Things matter?

Why does IoT matter

The impact of Internet of Things has been life-altering. Not just people, devices are also connected to the Internet. This is possible because of IoT. Some researchers even predict that it may become the next industrial revolution. But why and how is it so important to us? Let’s find out why does Internet of Things matter.

How is IoT important

Internet of Things plays a key role in our lives. Nowadays, internet based home automation is possible. For instance, if someone wants to switch his geyser on, he can do that in a jiffy using his smart phone without getting up. He can even set a schedule on his phone to switch it on or off at a particular time everyday. This is what IoT has done to us.

From inside the home, to the outside world, everything is changing with IoT. Did you know IoT devices are used in the Food industry too? Interesting, right? Distributors, for example, follow the journey of certain foods to ensure that they are stored at the appropriate temperature and that there are no problems along the way.

Tag Box, for instance, is an IoT automation and analytics chain. Cold chain supply business uses it. Their aim is to reduce the cold storage spoilage by maintaining higher cold chain quality. They make sure to eliminate general inefficiencies like delay and breakdowns as well. Indeed, IoT is transforming our lives.

Why does Internet of Things matter

IoT makes life easy for consumers and saves costs for businesses. It has multiple advantages. Hence, it matters in more ways than you can think of.

Advantages for consumers

IoT has the potential to schedule our daily activities, lower our utility bills as well as energy usage, improve our healthcare, keep us out of traffic, and so much more. Some of the advantages that IoT has brought into the lives of consumers are :

Convenience : One of the prime feature of IoT backed devices is to save time as well as money. It makes tough jobs convenient to do.
Comfort : Did you ever think you will be able to connect your TV to your mobile and switch it on or off? IoT has made this possible too. You can now lie on your bed and switch your TV on or off as per your comfort.
Security : You can keep a track of your loved ones easily today thanks to IoT. Hence, the security advantage is also an answer to why IoT matters.
Social benefits : While all these are examples of individual benefits of IoT to consumers, it also has collective social benefits. Building Smart cities and Smart nations are some of them.

Advantages for Business

From the business’s point of view, IoT has the potential to cut down costs. It also increases efficiency and improves customer service, speeds up decision making, and so much more. It has the potential to be a competitive advantage and to reward those innovators who adapt to it first. Advantages of using IoT in their business are the following :

Productivity : IoT allows easy monitoring and control of the different processes, which optimizes the different operations that, in turn, can increase productivity & efficiency.
Improved workplace safety : IoT devices can help employers ensure worker security and overall workplace safety. Small businesses can make use of video surveillance cameras & smart locks to monitor office premises at all times and ensure protection.
Improved customer service : Good customer service is a key factor in business. IoT has improved customer satisfaction through its devices.
Lowering operating costs : IoT can also assist companies in cutting costs. It can help in sustaining business as well. These scenarios can be achieved when companies are constantly connected with smart devices through the internet.


The Internet of Things is a never ending concept. As more and more everyday items are digitized, IoT grows. Hence, the importance of IoT in our world will increase further in the future.

Why IoT matters

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