Useful Applications for Students

Useful Applications for Students

Students can use various applications to take notes and manage their time well. Some apps also give them updates on campus news, making the college students be in the know. On MyPaperWriter, you will get to know the applications that are suitable for a college student. Smartphones today are like a student’s planner. In this type of planner, you can add as many applications as possible, unlike the traditional kind of planners. How one benefits from the applications depends entirely on every student’s usage. One application might be helpful to one student, while to another student, it may not be of any use. The following are applications that are the best picks for students.

AnkiMobile Flashcards

The application supports scientific markup and multimedia. It is free for Android devices but costs $24.99 for iOS users. If you do not have an android, try it on your friend’s phones to see if it is worth purchasing.

Blackboard App

Many colleges in the United States of America use the application as a management system. It allows students to access coursework both for in-person or online classes. The course content is available to students, viewing of their grades, and completion of assignments. The app has more features that students should explore.

Canvas Student

In this application, college students can also submit their assignments, view the coursework, and view their grades. You can choose to either have this application or the Blackboard app, depending on your college’s system preference.


It is one of the best applications to use if you study more than one language. It has over thirty-five languages as it assists the users in reading, speaking, listening, writing, vocabulary, and grammar. The app has free and paid versions. The paid version is free from ads. You can also access the lessons while offline. Some colleges in the United States of America accept the use of the application. 


Just as the name suggests, students can use the application for notetaking. You can also use Evernote to manage your tasks organized as it can sync with all your devices. You can save web pages, create to-do lists, or digitalize your documents using your phone’s camera in the app. Evernote has a free and paid version, whereas the paid version has more features. It costs about $69,99 annually, or you can opt to pay $7.99 monthly. 

Google Calendar

The app allows you to create reminders, schedule events, or share your availability with college classmates. It is free. Google Calendar is available for iOS and Android users. 

Google Drive

According to this writing service, it is ideal for students to store their documents in cloud storage. The app provides every user with free 15 GB storage. You canextend the capacity by purchasing extra space. Students can use it to share documents with their classmates or in writing their term papers. Finally, you can use the application on other devices; all you need is an internet connection.


The application is a PDF reader as well as a reference manager. It has many functions, such as highlighting and annotating PDFs, generating citations and references, and browsing the online library from the app. You can sync the app to many devices so that you can access your work from anywhere you go. A student gets two gigabytes of free space, but there is room for adding the capacity. You can opt for plans that suit you as they range from$55 to $165 annually.


The app assists college students in generating idea maps as it visualizes them. It also has other functions such as notetaking, project planning, managing meetings, and other functions. You can get a basic version for free, but business or pro accounts range between $4.99 to $12.49. 


It is an application that assists in the management of tasks. The app sorts your tasks into simple, achievable goals and prioritizes them in your daily schedule. It is available both in free and paid versions whereby for only $29.99, you get a professional account.


The application lets users create their decks which they can share with fellow students. The games the students play help them in improving their memorization skills. There is a free and premium version that is known as Quizlet Plus. The premium version is ad-free, and you can access it offline. It costs about $23.88 for a year.

College Mobile Applications

Some colleges develop their applications that provide different services such as events, news, campus map, safety information, and many more. The applications differ from college to college.  As numerous applications are free all over, you should consider focusing on the free ones. You will save a lot as they provide almost similar tasks when you compare them to the paid ones, but some would like to explore the premium applications. Feel free to settle on any option but first, do proper research. If you do not want to regret paying for the premium ones, go through their reviews. It will help you choose what is best for you; above all, good luck in your college studies.

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