Why Do We Use Machine Learning

Why do we use machine learning

Machine Learning is a branch of science, more specifically Artificial Intelligence. It learns from data, patterns, and past experiences providing minimal effort to be made by humans. ML can help us live happier, and healthier lives once we know how to harness its power. It is related to the field of computational statistics as well as mathematical optimization. It contains multiple methods like Supervised Learning, Unsupervised Learning, Semi-supervised Learning, and Reinforcement Learning. They have their own algorithms and procedures to work on. The primary aim of Machine Learning is to allow the system to learn automatically. And to make predictions without any human intervention.

Intelligent gaming, logistics, self-driving cars, travel and commute, optical character recognition, fraud detection, healthcare, social media platforms, every other field has been benefited by Machine Learning. Because of cheap computational power and a large amount of data Machine Learning has started growing at an accelerated rate. It’s because of the availability of vast amounts of parallel-processing power, modern graphics processing units (GPUs), which can be linked together into clusters to form Machine Learning powerhouses.

Classical Methods

In classical methods of programming, a computer relies on the general understanding of the specific algorithms provided. It applies to apps, games, accounting software, or online shopping, and many more. Having only a specific number of algorithms, there are solutions to some specific situations that the developer/creator has stored.

However, there a set of problems where we are not able to identify and explicitly write down these rules or algorithms for the system. Hence, it justifies the availability of machine learning limited to a very specific number of tasks where the classical approach fails. Machine learning enables the automated analysis of massive amounts of data. A system designed based on Machine Learning might not be as good as a system designed using classical ways. But with time and better quality data, the Machine Learning system will be more likely to surpass human-developed or classical systems.

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