Who doesn’t dream of managing their own firms or businesses one day and being their own Boss and CAT is the stepladder to management. Herewith, we seek to examine, whether it makes more sense to go in for a self-study approach while preparing for CAT or enlisting for coaching is a sure shot winner.
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You need to figure out which approach works the best for you – coaching or self study, basis your penchant for approaching examinations and your temperament. What is vital isn’t whether you go in for self-study or institutional learning rather are you able to derive all the learnings required to ace the exam. An institutional learning undoubtedly prepares you in a customized environment with special techniques to “crack the code”. Whether it be support and encouragement from peers, a healthy competitive environment or getting newer viewpoints to approach a particular problem, going to a coaching class prepares you in more ways than one. However, if you have been working towards this for a long time and self-training has been beneficial for you to edge you closer to the goal required, then bravo! If you have been giving practice tests and succeeding in getting good scores on your own you may not necessarily benefit out of a coaching setup.
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Being in the latter category is rare though and if you do decide to go in for the coaching approach, it is very crucial to choose a good institute. It becomes imperative to try and find out what educational process a particular institution is following. A little tip – rather than checking with the counsellors on this, check with students who have been part of the process for a while now for a clearer picture on the teaching graph. For instance, you could easily get any of the lakhs of teachers to teach you a chapter on Averages, however choosing one who uses a smart and effective approach becomes imperative, or else it might turn out to be a waste of time, in which case self-study turns out to be a better bet. So the course you choose to take depends a lot on your own aptitude and how well you adjust to a particular environment.

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Arun Sharma is a name that every CAT aspirant surely knows of. He is the well-known author of two of the most sought after books on CAT preparation, namely, ‘How to prepare for Quantitative Aptitude for the CAT’ and ‘How to prepare for Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning for the CAT’. Arun has prepared thousands of students for several exams, who have gone on to crack them. He has himself not been able to give up the CAT ‘keeda’ and is a serial-CAT-taker, who has been cracking the exam for the past 14 years. He has over 10 titles to his name, and over 1.5 million copies of his books have been sold till date.

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Mindworkzz is one of India’s leading brands in Aptitude training and testing. We are involved in training aspirants for the CAT over the past 2 decades and have trained over 10000 IIM Graduates. Besides we are also involved in conducting classes for UPSC (CSAT) and CRT (campus recruitment training). Our key partners include companies like McGraw Hill Education, Hungama, Airtel etc.