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application process

Step 1Go to the official Pearson website, thoroughly read the information on the page for a better understanding. To begin with, the PTE Academic 2019 application form, click ‘Step 1: Create your Account’. Fill in all the information required and continue until the end to complete your Account. Once you fill in the details in the PTE Academic application form 2019, click ‘Next’. Make sure you fill in the legal name that appears on your ID and you will present at the time of the PTE Academic 2019 exam. If it does not match, you will be detained from appearing in the PTE Academic Test; moreover, fees shall not be reimbursed.

Step 2: You will also have to pay the PTE Academic 2019 Exam fees. Once the PTE Academic application form is complete, you are likely to receive an email immediately or within 24 hours to confirm your account with Pearson. Once your account is registered, then you can login to your account. After you sign in, you can schedule your exam, change appointments and change your personal information.

Points to remember while filling up the PTE Academic 2019 Application Form-

  • Candidates should use Roman characters while registering

  • Name and Date of Birth should exactly match with the proof of identification that one intends to bring along on the test day. If the name or date of birth appears differently on the ID than what is entered during the registration process, the candidate may not be permitted to appear for the test.

  • One must remember to carry a valid ID at the test centre on the day of the test.

  • If one has only one name that is both the given name and family name, it should be entered in the ‘Family Name’ field. A full stop/period should be entered in the ‘Given Name’ field.

  • A valid and secure email address should be provided as the email address is where test takers will receive their login details and notifications including the availability of the scores.

  • Once the application form of PTE Academic 2019 is filled and submitted, the form is processed within the five business days.

  • Applicants can only claim for the refund if he/she cancels the test before the appointment date, but if one appears late for the PTE Academic Exam then there is no refund.

Enclosure required for PTE Academic Application Form 2019:

Since the PTE Academic 2019 application form has to be completed online, no documents are required to be attached to the PTE Academic registration form 2019. However, before taking the PTE Academic Exam, make sure that parents fill in the PTE Academic Parental Consent Form if the candidate is below 18 years.

Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic 2019 is a computer-based test conducted for measuring the English language proficiency of the non-native English speakers who are aspiring to study abroad or seeking immigration. The three-hour PTE Academic test appraises a real-life measure of test takers’ language ability. According to the PTE Academic test pattern, the writing and the speaking modules are integrated into one; Reading and Listening modules are designed separately. The PTE Academic 2019 score is accepted for admission to several institutions across the world, including countries like – Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK and the USA. The result of PTE 2019 academic test is available within five business days. There is no fixed minimum PTE Academic score for admission to institutions as all institutions follow their individual selection procedures.

exam pattern

PTE exam format has been formulated to assess the speaking, writing, listening and reading skills of candidates in the English language. The PTE exam consists of three main parts – Speaking & Writing, Reading and Listening, which the candidates need to complete in 3 hours with an optional 10 minutes break between the reading and listening parts. Different questions are asked in the PTE exam ranging from multiple-choice, essay writing to interpreting information. Given below is the detailed PTE exam pattern.

Exam Pattern of PTE


PTE Exam Pattern


PTE Exam – Format for Speaking & Writing

This section tests a candidate’s spoken English as well as the English writing skills in an academic environment. The candidates need to use correct grammar and spellings while writing their responses to the given questions. This part of the PTE Academic test is divided into several small segments as mentioned in the above table. The candidates are given 77 to 93 minutes of time to complete the Speaking & Writing section.

PTE Exam – Format for Reading

This section assesses the reading skills of the candidates with a set of different questions such as multiple-choice, re-order paragraphs and fill in the blanks. The reading segment of the Pearson Test of English is 32 to 41 minutes long and evaluates the candidate’s understanding of written information in the English language. The candidates are advised to read the questions carefully and answer accordingly.

PTE Exam – Format for Listening

Listening is the final section of the PTE test. Divided into various small parts, this segment tests the candidate’s ability to understand spoken English. The questions included in this section are based on audio or video clips played just once for the candidates taking the test. So, they need to listen to the clips very carefully and make notes as well. The audio or video clips are generally of 60-90 seconds and the candidates get 10 minutes to write their response in 50-70 words.


It is a language assessment exam which allows candidates of 16 years and above to test their English skills. The Pearson Test of English score is used by students and migrants to prove their proficiency in English for academic admissions into international universities/colleges, employment or visa purposes.


This test is evaluated by Artificial Intelligence to avoid any bias in scoring. The candidates who appear for the PTE test receive their PTE score within 5 business days of the test. The PTE score of a candidate ranges between 10 to 90 on a granular scale. This PTE score includes the overall score of the candidate, communicative skills scores and enabling skills scores. Highlighted below are a few important points that a candidate must know regarding the PTE result.

  • The candidates receive an email that lets them know that their scorecards are ready and they can access their score report by signing into their Pearson PTE Academic account. Given below are the steps to be followed to view PTE score.

Step 1: The candidate needs to sign in to their account by using their username and password.

Step 2: Then, the candidates need to click ‘View Score Reports’ link.

Step 3: A new window opens where the candidates must click on ‘View’ for the score that they wish to see.

Step 4: The score is displayed in PDF format which the candidates can download.

  • The institutes where candidates are applying can only view PTE scores when the candidates send them their score via the Pearson website. However, no additional fee is charged from the candidates for sending their scores to as many organisations as they wish.
  • The candidates need to understand their PTE score. The overall PTE score shows the overall performance of a candidate in the Pearson Test of English. As for communicative skills score, it is based on the test taker’s ability shown in the questions that are related to listening, reading, speaking and writing skills. The enabling skills score is based on the candidate’s performance in questions that focus on grammar, oral fluency, pronunciation, spelling, vocabulary and written discourse.
  • If a candidate feels unsatisfied with his/her PTE score, he/she can retake the test. However, the candidates can book for the retest at least 5 days after their previous attempt.
  • The candidates can also request for the rescore if they feel their score is not up to the mark, though they can not ask for the rescore if they have applied for a retest.

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