Career Options After Robotics Engineering

Career Options After Robotics Engineering


Robotics engineering is that field in engineering in which the students deal with designing, structure, application, and operating robots with the help of computers that assist in processing, commanding and manipulating the robots. With new inventions taking place, the creation of robots is aimed to reach those workplaces where human survival is dangerous or where extreme precision is required. Robotics engineering is a very dynamic field divided into various categories, such as designing, production, programming, maintenance, and functionality. Next, we will look into a few Career Options After Robotics Engineering.

Let’s See The Career Options After Robotics Engineering

Robotic engineering can give you an exciting career with multiple options and a lucrative package. The following are the few Career Options After Robotics Engineering:

Robotics Programmers
Robot Programmers provide technical expertise related to robot programming. Essential duties and responsibilities of a Robot Programmer are programming robotic cells, giving expertise on technical support, meeting budget guidelines as per SOP, and adhering to company policies.

Robotics Technicians
Robot technicians function as a part of the group that produces robots, which are machines intended to perform errands instead of a living operator. Technicians specialists help to fabricate, mechanical, and hardware builds in all periods of automated structure, advancement, creation, testing, and activities.

Robot Design Engineer
Robot engineers are answerable for structuring, testing, and building robots that are safe to work with economical to buy. These engineers use computer-aided-designing and drafting, and computer-aided manufacturing (CADD/CAM) frameworks to play out their assignments.

Robot Test Engineers
Robot test engineers perform prototype testing and evaluation. RPA(Robot Process Automation) provides a powerful tool for testers doing testing. Testers use the RPA tool to allow for a scoreless automation tool on the macros. RPA tool can both test data and regression testing mostly done by test engineers

Automated Product Design Engineer
Automation engineers configuration, program, recreate, and test robotized hardware and procedures so as to finish definite assignments. They work in industries, for example, vehicle assembling or food preparing plants, where robots or machines are utilized to perform specific operations.

Agricultural Instrumentation Engineer
Agricultural Engineers take care of issues identified with agricultural equipment, water quality, natural items, domesticated animal offices, food handling, and numerous other agricultural regions. Motorization is a huge part of Agricultural Engineering.

Maintenance Engineer
Maintenance Engineering is the concept of calling the engineering ideas for the optimization of hardware, methodology, and departmental financial plans to accomplish better practicality, dependability, and accessibility of gear.

Senior Robot Specialist
After a few years of experience, another Career Options After Robotics Engineering is to get into the role of senior robot specialist. The tasks would include the design of analog and digital electronic systems, review of designs of electronics team, providing technical leadership, maintaining quality and performance of electronics design, etc.


Hence, we can see that there is a wide range of career options after robotics Engineering. Students from top institutes like IITs get an attractive package as fresher and average college students also get a handsome pay because robotics is still pretty new and in a budding stage in India and demand for robotics engineers is huge and will grow over time with the wide range of automation which is going to be used in every sector.

Career Options After Robotics Engineering

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