Types Of Robots Being Used In Today’s Time

Type Of Robot


Robotics is a branch of science which deals with designing, constructing, and automating mechanical robots that will be capable of replicating humans for a particular task. A robot needs a power source and an embedded system that contains high-level coding which tells the robot to act in a particular behavior. Next, we will look into what are the various types of robots

Different Types Of Robots

Robots can be classified into various types.
Pre-Programmed Robots
These are the simplest type of robot. Pre-modified robots work in a fixed situation where they do straightforward, monotonous works. For example, a pre-customized robot would be a mechanical arm on an assembly line. The arm serves one purpose — to weld an entryway on, to embed a specific part into the engine, and so on — and its responsibility is to play out that task better than a human.

Humanoid Robots
Humanoid robots will be robots that resemble as well as copy human behavior. This type of robot is currently having the most demand. These robots, for the most part, perform human-like exercises (like running, bouncing, and carrying objects), and are intended to appear like us, humans, in any event, having human faces and articulations. Two of the most well-known instances of humanoid robots are Hanson Robotics’ Sophia (in the video above) and Boston Dynamics’ Atlas.

Autonomous Robot
Autonomous robots work freely on human interventions. These robots are generally intended to do undertakings in open conditions that don’t require human management. A case of an independent robot would be the Roomba vacuum cleaner, which utilizes sensors to wander all through a home freely.

Teleoperated Robots
Teleoperated robots are mechanical bots whom humans control. These robots work in outrageous harsh conditions, climate conditions, and dangerous places. Instances of teleoperated robots are the human-controlled submarines used to fix submerged funnel spills during the BP oil slick or automatons used to recognize landmines in a war zone.

Augmenting Robot
Augmenting robots either improve current human abilities or supplant the capacities a human may have lost. A few instances of enlarging robots are automated prosthetic appendages or exoskeletons used to lift powerful loads.

Consumer Robots
Consumer robots are the robots you can purchase and utilize for no particular reason or assist you in doing some errands or just for entertainment. Models are the robot hound Aibo, the Roomba vacuum, AI-fueled robot associates, and a developing assortment of automated toys and packs.

Military and Security
Military robots incorporate ground frameworks like Endeavor Robotics’ PackBot, utilized in Iraq and Afghanistan to scout for IEDs, unstable gadgets, and BigDog, intended to help troops in conveying overwhelming rigging. Security robots incorporate independent versatile frameworks, for example, Cobalt.

Clinical and health-care robots incorporate frameworks, for example, the da Vinci careful robot and bionic prostheses, and also mechanical exoskeletons.

By far most of the present robots are born in colleges or universities and corporate research labs. Despite the fact that these robots might have the option to do valuable things, they’re fundamentally proposed to enable scientists to do, well. Even though a few robots may fit different classes depicted here, they can likewise be called look into robots.

Self-Driven Cars
Numerous robots can drive themselves around, and an expanding number of them would now be able to drive you around. Early self-governing vehicles incorporate the ones worked for DARPA’s self-sufficient vehicle competitions and furthermore Google’s spearheading self-driving Toyota Prius, later spun out to frame Waymo.


Hence, from the above article, we get to know about a few of the different types of robots and the fields they are being used in. Robots is a wide, complex, and dynamic field and slowly more and more different type of robots will be invented to replicate humans even to a greater extent.

Type Of Robot

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