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What are the 4 types of Data?

Types of Data

Understanding the type of data that you are using is very important for analyzing it for whatever purpose you are using it for. The main classification of data types can be done into Quantitative and Qualitative as a very broad classification. Quantitative data type: This type of data deals with numbers. The data which can be measured […]

What are the components of Business Analytics?

Components of Business Analytics

The modern data centred world demands data analytics to be implemented in everyday business. Nowadays, performance management focused on analytics is in demand. It uses machine learning, artificial intelligence and numerous internet hacks for this. Data Analytics looks at data sets which are commonly used in commercial industries. Find the core components of Business Analytics: […]

What skills should a Business Analyst have?

What skills should a Business Analyst have?

Business Analyst Skills for becoming a successful Business Analyst is resilient to a dynamic environment. Every Business Analyst will bring a unique combination of technical skills, knowledge, and experience to the position. Below is a list of the few skills that are required for this position: 1. Know the Goals: It’s critical that a business […]

What is the Best Way of Learning Business Analytics?

What is the best way of learning Business Analytics

Data is changing with the way organizations are doing business. Organizations are harnessing the power of business analytics and data science from tech giants to meal delivery services to improve efficiency and streamline operations. According to McKinsey, one of the keys to success for high performing companies is to build a community in which workers […]

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