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Give Way to a More Hybrid and Blended Learning in India!

  The State we are in The majority of Indian teachers are changing or updating themselves a little to meet up the international standards of teaching. The Principals concur, and to an extent, it makes sense, that these technologies will never replace the physical presence of a teacher, instead complement the entire teaching process. But […]

College email benefits that will make your life easy

This article contains a list of 8 college email benefits you should know and how you can avail these college email benefits. There are times when we find preview research documents or study notes that are just the right one but must be paid for to ‘unlock’ the full text. When such situations arise, we […]

Top 5 Websites for Internship Opportunities


Top 5 Websites for Internship Opportunities   Just a simple Google search will provide millions of results and make matter worse. There’s a cluster of sites claiming to be the “best” and “only” one you need to look the ideal internship. In today’s competitive job market, internships are turning into a must have things on […]

Delhi Government stops funding of 28 DU Colleges

Ban on Funding of 28 DU Colleges The Delhi government on Monday, July 30th ordered a stop on the funding of 28 Delhi University colleges. Colleges that are either fully or partially funded by the government are part of this list. The decision comes as an aftereffect  — following the varsity’s failure to appoint governing […]

Three Internships Mandatory for All Engineering Courses.

three internships mandatory for all engineering courses

Union Human Resource Development Minister Prakash Javadekar said that a compulsion of summer internships will be levied on Engineering colleges. Till now only reputed engineering colleges had made internships mandatory. This in turn has been leaving many graduate engineers at a disadvantage due to lack of experience. AICTE data states that only 6.96 lakh students […]

An Ode to College Canteens- Reminisce of Days Spend with Friends and Foods

College Canteen

There was once a time when the college canteen was the most go to place for any student. Be it a discussion over the most boring lecture, or a debate over who is going to win the next football finale, the age-old tables witnessed it all. They sat through emotional break-ups, and witnessed hesitation of the first ‘I love you.’ So here is an ode to college canteens everywhere

Dealing with stress during college

Dealing with stress during college Regardless of whether you’re confronting end of the year tests, dealing with a long separation relationship or simply attempting to remain on top of a heap of homework, college can be a stressful time. Try not to capitulate to uneasiness – take after these straightforward tips for managing stress amid […]

6 Types of Boys You Find in Every College

College full of all types of people, but there are a few stereotypical guys you will find in every college. We all know who they are and sometimes it is us, either ways let’s take a look at six types of guys that make college all the more fun! King of Geeks This guy knows […]

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