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Common Mistakes Many Premeds Make When Applying to Medical School

Applying Medical School

So, you are heading to college and have a plan to pursue an MD degree after graduating. Transitioning from college to medical school is a challenge for premedical students. However, you can increase your chances of becoming a successful medical school candidate by avoiding some premed mistakes. If you are gearing up for becoming a […]

Studying Strategies to Help You Learn German More Quickly

Studying Strategies to Help You Learn German More Quickly

Do you want to study German? German is regarded as one of the most difficult languages to master. German grammar and vocabulary are, without a doubt, not always simple to grasp. Don’t give up, though! No language is simple to learn. So, if you truly want to learn German quickly, you can do so by […]

Lokesh Mehra shares how to get job at a billion dollar tech firm

Lokesh Mehra is one of the leading figures in learning industry. With his expertise on e-learning and training, he currently serves as the Director of workforce development in Oracle. From the current state of Indian education to the trends we should be looking forward to , Lokesh Mehra shares some interesting and enlightening insights that […]

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