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COE Pune
COE Pune

Offering a unique learning experience in a wide a variety of disciplines, College of Engineering, Pune (COEP), is one of the most sought-after technical institutions in Maharashtra.

Affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University, Maharashtra COEP is an autonomous engineering college and ranked 10 among top 100 engineering institutions in India by Outlook (2017). It is approved by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) and offers B.Tech, M.Tech, PG Diploma and PhD research programs in more than 23 disciplines.

Established in 1854, with an aim to train the PWD workers, initially, COE Pune was affiliated to the University of Bombay for a degree of Licentiate in Civil Engineering known as LCE. Once the Poona University came into existence in 1948, COEP was affiliated to the new university.

In 2003 the State Government of Maharashtra granted COE Pune the autonomous status, thus enabling it to manage its own finances, decide its own curriculum and looks after the management.

Started as an institution to provide certification course on civil engineering, now COEP imparts quality education to nearly 2800 Undergraduates and 1000 Postgraduates.

COE Pune

COE Pune: Practical learning that starts beyond the classroom

Following a curriculum that is designed to improve academic experience through several opportunities like study abroad programme, internships and research facilities, COEP always encourages practical learning in students. Aiming to provide students with great exposure and opportunities, COE Pune organizes debates, conferences, seminars and workshops almost regularly.

Besides, regular PG and UG courses, COEP also offer some short-term programmes enabling students to enhance their expertise beyond the regular syllabus. Besides, COEP’s departmental workshops on several topics, the institution also offers several Global Initiative of Academic Networks (GIAN) approved courses covering some upcoming areas of technology and science. Accessible for the students across other institutions and working professionals, these short-term courses are best to upgrade their skill.

The amount of importance COEP gives on promoting the extra-curricular activities in students is really amazing. It has almost 30 hobby or activity clubs students can be part of as per their interests. Coming in all varieties from technical, sports, mathematics, social work to non-technical some of the on-campus hobby clubs include, Aarya Raas club, Debate club, Quiz clubs, Boat Club, Arts and Crafts club, Robotics club, Astronomy club and Satellite club etc. The students of COE Pune Satellite club take pride in developing India’s first academic satellite SWAYAM that was launched by ISRO in2016.

COE Pune

Schedule for Workshops at COE Pune

With several certification courses, workshops and seminars each day offer something new to learn to the students of COEP. Aiming to encourage young minds to think beyond the convention, a wide array of events are scheduled at COEP campus through the year.

If you want to know the complete schedule of COE Pune workshops, check their upcoming event page on the official website.

Have a look at two of the most popular extra-curricular events organized on the campus:

Mind Spark

Started with an aim to ignite young minds with the spirit of innovation in 2007, Mind Spark is the annual technical festival of COE Pune. Organized by students, the three days long technical extravaganza provides one of the most coveted platforms for students to think beyond the convention, innovate and exhibit their talents.

 Encompassing more than 55 events including competitions, exhibitions, workshops, quiz and debates, Mind Spark attracts more than 20,000 students across various institutions in Maharashtra every year. Known as one of the most popular technical festivals in India, Mind Spark focuses on spreading technological education across all regions of the nation.

Providing a platform to learn from some of the best minds of recent times, it also conducts several guest talks, seminars with prominent personalities from different disciplines.

While several outreach workshops are organized by Mind Spark across the states to spread technological awareness in students, the main event is held at the COE Pune campus ground.

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WAC workshops

What After College (WAC) 2018 is a flagship event of Vidyavilla Foundation whose main aim is to help students to find their dream career. Converging industry leaders, academicians, educationists and several other prominent personalities from different disciplines, this one-of-a-kind career guidance workshops help students with the most relevant career opportunities post their college. With their astute knowledge on the topic, experience and deep insight, these experts provide students with some great advice and a road-map for a successful career. Several WAC workshops are organized at COE Pune with the help of on-campus technical clubs.

COE Pune

Who can attend workshops at COE Pune?

COE Pune organizes workshops and seminars for students across the state. While WAC workshops and Mind Spark workshops are designed for both on-campus and off-campus students, there are a couple of short-term programmes and COEP departmental workshops that are only open for its students. The institution also offers some GIAN certified courses, which are accessible for students, working engineers and even faculties. Before enrolling in any such course, don’t forget to check your eligibility on the registration page of the specific course you are looking for.

Why attend workshops at COEP?

As one of the top-ranked engineering institutes in India, COE Pune attracts some of the best minds from diversified fields to address the workshops and seminars organized by it. Providing you with deep insight into the upcoming market trends and latest global scenario, the eminent experts not only help you to make the best career choice but also hone your skills for a bright future ahead.

Apart from offering you a great platform to learn something from some of the brightest minds of the modern time, the COE Pune workshops also help you to build a good network with people.

COE Pune

How to reach COE Pune?

Located on Wellesley Road in Shivaji Nagar, COE Pune is easily accessible from various parts of the city and other states of Maharashtra. It is well connected by bus, train and air with several other major cities of India.

 The nearest station is Pune junction, which is only 3 km away from COEP campus, and you can easily find electric rickshaw or auto to get to the college. Located very close to Shivaji Nagar Bus stop, COEP is well connected to all the main highways like Pune-Mumbai highway and Pune-Nagar highway.

Located at a distance of nearly 11 km, getting to COEP campus from Pune International airport is very convenient. Take a cab to the campus, which takes around thirty to forty minutes.

COE Pune

Accommodation at Pune

For COE Pune conducted workshops or seminars free accommodations are provided directly on the main residential campus at times, however, for other events, students would be required to arrange their stay by themselves outside the institution.  As one of the most popular cities of Maharashtra, Pune has several reputed hotels catering to all budget and need near the COEP campus. Before going for an event, make sure to confirm your accommodation details with the organizers.


  • College of Engineering, Wellesley Road, Shivajinagar, Pune -411 005 Maharashtra, India
  • Telephone:  +91-20-2550700
  • Official website of COE Pune:

Upcoming Workshops at COE Pune

To get complete information on upcoming seminars, conferences and workshops scheduled to be held at IIT COE Pune, visit this page For more details on eligibility, registration and other specific information, check the individual page of the workshops, courses or conferences you intended to enroll. check out upcoming workshops at COE Pune.