What is all deep learning about?

what is deep learning?

There is a lot of confusion among people when they hear these three words Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning. All think these three are the same but there is a difference among this stuff. ML is actually the computer algorithm that trains itself for the best based on data it gets and deep learning is a subset of ML and Machine Learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence. These are the Difference between these three kinds of stuff.

Deep learning an intro

The ANN(Artificial Neural Networks) has many neural networks and it runs the network of the deep learning algorithms. Deep Neural Networks (DNNs) are kinds of networks in which each layer will be able to perform operations like adding images, sound, and text to the network. Deep learning models are used to develop business models nowadays.

How really a deep learning algorithm works?

Deep learning needs a huge amount of data for producing accurate results; While processing the information, ANN is able to process data which involves highly complex mathematical operations. Let us take an example, an automatic object recognition program works by learning to detect and recognize edges and features of an object say cotton maybe, then more significant parts of the cotton, and, finally, the representations of cotton in different angles s. So in overtime, the program trains itself, and also the probability of getting correct output increases. And the program will be able to detect cotton in any angle or posture even the cotton is placed.

Top 6 applications of deep learning

1.Autonomous Cars

Deep Learning is the main reason due to which the concept of self-driving has become real. Complex huge sets of data are being fed into the system and it is being trained to coach the cars and test the models in a safe environment.

2.Natural Language Processing(NLP)

NLP is used to understand the complexities related to the language it can be anything the way of speech, expression of language and this is the toughest task for a human to find out.

3.Fraud Detection

The SMS alert you get once you swipe your card in an ATM is an example of a deep learning algorithm it is used to reduce the fraud detection banking and finance sector.

4. Adding Sounds To Silent Movies

The deep learning applications also extend in the cine industry. A deep learning model will associate the video frames with the database of recorded sounds to pick out appropriate sounds for the scene.

5. Personalizations

We would like the service if someone offers good hospitality when we go for buying stuff outside and so there is a chatbot on many websites to make the experience alive while we purchase things or we need help on a website. Deep Learning is driving many of great tech giants.


Deep learning is a trending topic in today’s world and it’s driving almost everything in the world today. And so it is important to learn deep learning which will help you to get a good job.

What is deep learning?

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