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Top 7 Online Artificial Intelligence Training Program

Artificial Intelligence Training Programs

Online Artificial Intelligence Training Program Are you excited to begin your artificial intelligence career? Or, are you a professional who is looking forward to enhancing your skill? If yes, read this post and find out some of the best online artificial intelligence training program. For the past few years, Artificial Intelligence is taking centre stage. […]

Salary In An Artificial Intelligence Career

Salary in an Artificial Intelligence Career

From automated customer support to smart vehicles, Artificial Intelligence is already changing the everyday experience of the masses. On a macro level, it is helping economies progress towards achieving sustainable development goals (SDG) driven by factors like affordable energy, good governance etc. Given today’s scenario, it is conceivable that in the days to come, we […]

Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence

Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence

Like all things in life, Artificial Intelligence has some drawbacks too. Let’s get to know a few of them. AI Requires High Investment Being a complex system, the initial investment for utilizing an AI-based approach in an industry is substantial. Since AI is still in its incumbent phase, developing customized solutions for a particular application […]

Methods & Goals of AI

From intelligent robots to multi-player gaming, from pattern recognition to fraud prevention, from human safety to weather prediction, AI is shaping every industry in one way or the other. Read on to know what is Artificial Intelligence and what are its methods, goals, and application areas. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been the talking point of […]

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) presents endless opportunities to revolutionize technology in every industrial sector. As the moral and scientific debate on its use intensifies, this article highlights the merits and demerits of AI. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has graduated from Hollywood Fiction to Grass root Reality. From self-driving cars to interactive humanoids, from data management to weather […]

What Is Artificial Intelligence And What Are Its Uses?

What is Artificial Intelligence

Introduction The term “Artificial Intelligence” seems to be in vogue nowadays. Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and Google have invested heavily into this technology and POTUS Donald Trump just signed an Executive Order pledging governmental support to AI development. But what is this futuristic technology that claims to assist us in all walks of life in […]

5 Most Lucrative Careers in Artificial Intelligence in India

Careers in Artificial Intelligence

Career in Artificial Intelligence or AI is one of the hottest career options in the world today, including India. Many companies are looking to hire professionals with AI-related expertise. Though there are varied jobs in AI, mentioned here are the top 5 lucrative AI jobs available in India.  Artificial Intelligence is not just the future, […]

Evolution Of Artificial Intelligence In The Economy And Its Benefits

use of Artificial intelligence

The revolutionary invention of artificial intelligence (AI) can bring about a new level of efficiency, accuracy, and speed in all areas of business and society. Right now, there are a number of research and development firms that focus on applying AI technologies to real-world problems. Here are some of the most recent developments in the […]

AI Pitfalls

AI pitfalls

AI is used today in almost all fields like military, learning, healthcare systems, automobile industry, etc. The use of AI has made some innovative ideas like self-driven cars become possible. This relatively new technology has increased the usage and power of machines. But AI with its advantages possesses some pitfalls as well, which should be […]

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