Artificial Intelligence In Computer

AI in Computer

Artificial intelligence is duplicating human intelligence processes which helps machines perform. Computer systems, especially reflect this behavior quite well. Artificial intelligence is also commonly known as machine intelligence. It is basically a branch of computer science. Its aim is to power software with the ability to analyze its working environment. Analyzing is done using pre-set rules and search algorithms. It can also be done using pattern recognizing machine learning models, and then make decisions on the basis of those analyses. Artificial Intelligence in computer practically means making a computer do those jobs which were previously done by humans.

Artificial Intelligence in computers is a widely growing concept. Do you know that a true artificial intelligence computer is one that can learn on its own? That’s right! Everyone knows this Apple personal assistant, Siri. She’s our friendly voice-controllable computer that we interact with on a daily basis. There are many more such examples of AI computers that do human jobs better and faster.

What do you mean by AI in Computer

AI attempts to basically reflect biological intelligence to allow software applications or systems to act freely. It thereby reduces manual human intervention for a varying range of functions. Artificial intelligence is a growing technology in computers that supports building smart machines capable of performing tasks that typically require human intelligence. Now, it might be confusing to you that what exactly AI does in computers. Artificial Intelligence in Computers, makes them think rationally as humans, likewise, it also enables rational decision making similar to that of humans.

You can say Artificial Intelligence is a way of making computers do human-like jobs. For instance, if a computer reads a record from a database, it can be certain what the record says. There may be some doubt about whether an employee’s ID number actually succeeds in referring to a flesh-and-blood employee. But, such doubts, don’t affect computers. As far as the computer AI is concerned, the ID number is of the employee. Following that, it will also, happily, and successfully, use it to access all relevant data as long as no internal errors follow. That’s how Artificial Intelligence in computers work.

AI in computers is widely popular because of many reasons. This includes –

  • Ability to answer and solve generic questions.
  • Absorbing new modifications by bringing highly heterogeneous pieces of information together. Hence, you can modify even a small detail of program without affecting its overall structure.
  • And finally, supporting quick as well as Easy program modification.

Wrapping up

Starting from Siri, Alexa, to Amazon, there are endless instances of Artificial Intelligence in computers. AI in computers typically works on the basis of algorithms. To make a computer perform tasks, you have to write programs using algorithms. Further, we use these algorithms are for calculations, data processing as well as computing. Some computers are also programmed in a way they can learn on its own and execute tasks. Hence, knowingly or unknowingly, AI in computers has become an important part of our life.

Artificial Intelligence in computer

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