Mobile App Marketing

Mobile App Marketing

Mobile app marketing is a crucial part of the app development process. It is basically a way to promote an app to more and more users and keep them engaged with the app. App marketing is important because it deals with the main agenda of developing an app that is engaging people, and generating more and more business.

So, let’s look at an overview of mobile app marketing.


The first step in mobile app marketing is making people aware that your app has arrived. The main agenda is to make the app visible at every possible stage to acquire more and more users. There are many ways to promote an app like social media ads, paid advertisements, app reviews, QR codes, surveys, banners, pushing apps on the App Store, and the play store. Innovative ideas, a positive campaign can boost app promotion and beat other similar apps in the market.


Conversion is the stage when a user generates revenue for the app. This mainly happens when a user downloads the app, signs up, makes in-app purchases, and increases app usage. The main aim has to be to increase revenue and reduce the cost of app promotion. So, it is important to make hassle-free registration process, an excellent UI, and provide with regular updates.


An app can survive and acquire more users only if the existing users hang on with the app. So, it becomes increasingly important to keep your customers happy. Some ways to keep users engaged is by providing loyalty benefits, offers, push notifications, regular updates, surveys, etc. The overall aim has to be to provide a good user experience so that they keep using the app and recommend others as well.

It is also important to track the results of your app marketing. The main ways to check how efficient your app marketing strategies have been are:

Average users

Tracking the number of active daily and monthly users is important to judge the development of an app. Active users are the ones who use an app to generate money for the app. So, monitoring the numbers and analyzing why the numbers are going up or down is required.

Time spent on App

Another important aspect is to track the average time spent by users on an app. A good app session length depends on the type of app, but the average session length should meet your expectations. If it is less than the expectations that means your app is not appealing to engage users on it and thus require updates and modifications.

Mobile app marketing is all about finding the audience for an app. With millions of apps present on play store and App store, to make your app stand out in the market needs some serious efforts targeted towards the promotion of the app. Many app marketing consultancies are available in the market which can help you in finding the best strategies for your particular app.

mobile app marketing

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