Salary In An Artificial Intelligence Career

Salary in an Artificial Intelligence Career

From automated customer support to smart vehicles, Artificial Intelligence Career is already changing the everyday experience of the masses. On a macro level, it is helping economies progress towards achieving sustainable development goals (SDG) driven by factors like affordable energy, good governance etc. Given today’s scenario, it is conceivable that in the days to come, we will have AI technology as an answer to the most intricate problems.

As tech-giants worldwide continue their swift march towards AI, the demand for related professionals is also stepping up. Particularly in India, where introduction of AI is already being explored in sectors like agriculture, education and defence. Make no mistake, if you’re looking for a career in artificial Intelligence full of opportunities, AI is the field to be!

Let’s have a look at the salary prospects of a career in Artificial Intelligence.

Understanding Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Career is the capacity of computers or machines to emulate human actions. The term implies the incorporation of intelligence in machines to perform tasks that usually require human intellect. Some everyday examples of AI are:

  • Voice and face recognition in devices
  • Autopilot mode in Aeroplanes
  • Automated cars like Tesla
  • Virtual and 3D gaming
  • Smart home devices like automatic heaters, speakers etc
  • Suggestions of movies and shows on platforms
  • Sorting of personal feed on social media platforms

Similarly, numerous activities continue to fall under the ambit of AI. Since AI requires a specialized skill set, it engages professionals called AI Engineers.

Who is an AI Engineer?

An Artificial Intelligence engineer is a professional who develops an AI model. He uses various machine learning algorithms and programming languages for this purpose. Also, he leverages different data handling techniques to process data in a beneficial manner. Some common responsibilities of AI Engineer are:

  • Developing and conducting regular checks on AI models.
  • Transforming machine learning algorithms into APIs.
  • Maintaining Data infrastructure.
  • Automating infrastructure used by Data scientists.
  • Making statistical analysis.
  • Coordinating with different departments.

Skills Required to Become an AI Engineer

Becoming an AI Engineer requires an intermix of hardwork and determination. Since the job role comprises both technical and non technical facets, you are required to have a superlative command over following skills.


  1. Programming languages like Python, Java, R.
  2. Statistics
  3. Mathematics
  4. Machine learning algorithms
  5. Neural Networks

Non Technical

  1. Communication skills
  2. Social and interpersonal skills
  3. Awareness regarding developments in the industry
  4. Team work

Artificial Intelligence Engineer Salary in India

Once you enter the field of AI, you can be rest assured of a good pay. Companies today are offering lucrative salaries to hire AI Engineers with relevant experience in order to be ahead of their competitors. The work of an AI engineer is innovative and also his research and analysis become a pillar for the decision making process of an organization.

Like most other professions, the salary of an AI engineer varies on the basis of experience, location and job roles.

On the Basis of Experience-Artificial Intelligence Salary

Considering the rising demand, the starting package of a fresher AI engineer falls in the bracket of Rs. 6 LPA to Rs. 8 LPA. Subject to the employer being an MNC or a large organization, this figure may even be upto Rs. 10LPA.

On the other hand, as you gain experience, your skillset improves. You’re more known to the technicalities of the particular field. So to leverage your experience for better operations, organizations can offer you a salary ranging from Rs. 14 LPA to Rs 18 LPA.

On the Basis of Job Roles- Artificial Intelligence Salary

There are various job roles in the field of AI that address a specific requirement. Let’s have a look at some job roles in AI and the salary prospects promised by each of them.

Machine Learning Engineer

The task of ML Engineer is to deploy machine learning solutions into production. He optimizes solutions for performance and scalability and is responsible for good data flow between systems. For Companies turning to AI, machine learning engineers play a vital role. Therefore, in India the starting salary of an ML Engineer ranges from Rs. 7-9 LPA.

Computer Vision Engineer

A computer Vision Engineer is a person who works out algorithms that help computers perceive digital inputs like images and videos. He carries out deep research and analysis of data and also works on signal processing. As a CVE in India you can expect your salary between Rs. 3-8 LPA.

Algorithm Engineer/Developer

As the name suggests, Algorithms Engineer is a person who is involved in a chain of events related to algorithms. These events include creating, researching and testing of algorithms. Their scope of operations also includes analysing the goal of the organization as the algorithms to be developed largely depends on it. They also optimize existing algorithms. The salary of an AE in India starts from Rs.4LPA and can range to as high as Rs 18LPA with time and experience.

Data Scientist

Extracting useful inputs from structured or unstructured data using predictive analysis, algorithms, programming languages and other tools is what a data scientist does. They are responsible to present a critical review of data to organizations and enable them to take key measures to weed out inefficiencies in operations if any.  As a new data scientist in India, you can expect your salary to be anywhere from Rs. 3 to 6 LPA. On gaining experience, your salary bracket may increase to Rs 6-17 LPA.

On the Basis of Location

While your skills and experience decide a good portion of your salary as an AI professional, your job location also plays an important part. Being the IT hub of India, in Banglore the mean annual salary of Rs 14 LPA to AI engineers. Whereas the same in Chennai is Rs. 11 LPA. Similarly, different locations pay different salaries to AI professionals.

Make a Career in AI and Start Enjoying the Benefits

With the advent of sensors, automatic motors and robots, it can be said without a doubt that the AI era is already in the next stage. As the world continues to make intelligent machines, the need for AI professionals is being felt more than anything else. It is true that in future AI will eliminate certain job roles that are replaceable but on the other hand it is expected to create approx 2.4 million jobs too. Even though the number of professionals in the field of AI in India increased from 40000 to 72000 in 2019 still approx 2500 jobs went vacant. Keeping these facts in mind it can be concluded that there are ample opportunities available at your disposal in the field of AI. Become an AI Engineer and take the country towards a better and innovative future.