5 Most Lucrative Careers in Artificial Intelligence in India

Careers in Artificial Intelligence

A Careers in artificial intelligence in India or AI is one of the hottest career options in the world today, including India. Many companies are looking to hire professionals with AI-related expertise. Though there are varied jobs in AI, mentioned here are the top 5 lucrative AI jobs available in India That open artificial intelligence job opportunities. 

Artificial Intelligence is not just the future, but it is the present as well. It is redefining technology and helping develop machines that can solve problems. Maybe, in the future, we would have machines that will help us address climate issues, prevent hunger, or even set up and achieve goals for the world. As of now, many companies are using it to boost growth and reinvent. Thus, it is an excellent time to look for a career in AI and Grab artificial intelligence job opportunities. 

What is Artificial Intelligence?

AI is the science of making computers that can work like a human or perform tasks that only human intelligence could achieve hitherto. Some popular examples of AI are face and speech recognition, decision-making, or even language translation. Another common example of AI in our daily life is Alexa, the smart speaker!

AI is thus used in multiple ways to make our life easier.. There are many subsets of AI, one of which is Machine Learning or ML. It is one of the most happening fields in AI and it opens a number of artificial intelligence job opportunities in the modern world. 

Who Can Opt for a Career in Artificial Intelligence in India?

Though computer science graduates and software engineers are the most suited for AI jobs, anyone with an interest and training in programming languages can try for a career in the field. IT professionals who wish to make a mark in the AI field should take up AI-related courses, either online or offline. Interning in the domain is also a great way of learning and gaining experience. 

The Skills you Need

Besides being well-versed in mathematical concepts such as algorithms, statistics, calculus, etc., you should also have expertise in computer languages. If you are a non-IT person interested in a Careers in Artificial Intelligence in India, enrol in up-skilling and join a course in the basics of computer programming. AI is a demanding field, and every day there will be some new developments. So, re-skilling and continuous learning are a must for a successful career in AI & it opens numbers of artificial intelligence job opportunities in In. 

Sectors Looking for AI Professionals

While AI is fast becoming an integral part of most industries, some of the most common applications of AI can be seen in the following industries;

  • E-commerce
  • Business
  • Healthcare
  • Research
  • Education
  • Government 
  • Defence and Allied Fields

5 Best Artificial Intelligence Jobs in India | Make your career in Artificial Intelligence in India

With India’s focus on technology with ‘Digital India’ and other related platforms, the career in artificial intelligence in india Or AI in the country is vast. As more companies and even startups look at digital evolution to further their business, AI is fast becoming a driving force for businesses.  Thus, professionals trained in AI domains are a huge draw in the employment sector today.

As the demand for AI professional surge, brush up your skills and look for promising and exciting Careers in Artificial Intelligence in india. Here are five of the best AI jobs in India:

Data Scientist

A data scientist’s job is collecting, analyzing, and interpreting huge amounts of data leveraging machine learning. What they do is use the data to predict future trends. They also develop algorithms that could enable the better collection, cleaning, and analysis of data. 

Data analysts also work in the same domain, but data scientists work at an advanced level. 

  • Educational Qualification You Need: A master’s degree in computer science is the preferred qualification for a data scientist. Still, companies also hire those with an advanced degree in mathematics or electrical engineering, with additional skills in computer coding. 
  • Skills: Data scientists need to be acquainted with tools such as Spark, Pig, Hive, Hadoop, etc., and also proficient in programming languages, including Python, SQL, Perl, Scala, and more. It is not that data scientists work in isolation in secluded cabins. They also need to possess strong analytical and communication skills because, at the end of the day, they have to share their findings with business managers. 
  • Expected Salary: As per the job site, Indeed, the average salary of a data scientist in India is about ₹ 8 lacs. 

Machine Learning (ML) Engineer

The role of a machine learning engineer is one of the most crucial in AI projects. They build and manage applications and platforms to enhance machine learning. They also contribute to the research and development of algorithms to help extract useful information from large amounts of data. 

A machine learning engineer also researches ML tools and implements them as and when applicable. They also contribute to furthering ML frameworks and libraries. Since the field of machine learning is continuously evolving, a machine learning engineer has to be in tune with the latest developments in the field. 

  • Educational Qualification and Skills: A base in software engineering is a must, and at the same time, a machine learning engineer should also be proficient in computer languages such as Scala, Java, Python, and more. Depending upon the job, the desired skills may also include advanced knowledge in deep learning, cloud applications, mathematical skills, as well as strong analytical and communication skills. 
  • Expected Salary: The salary will depend on the industry you are in and your experience. ML engineers earn about ₹ 7-8 lacs annually, which could go up to ₹15 lacs or more, as per your expertise. 

Research Scientist

Research is the basis of the AI field, and hence the role of a research scientist is high in demand. They have to be experts in multiple AI domains such as machine learning, deep learning, applied mathematics, computational statistics, natural language processing, and more. They should also have a knack for software development. 

The primary job apart from the research is developing innovations in AI and machine learning.

  • Educational Qualifications and Skills: The desired qualification for the job is Ph. D or a masters’ level degree in computer science. Apart from research skills, an AI research scientist should also have critical and analytical skills as well as documentation and reporting knowledge. 
  • Expected Salary: The salary could range from ₹6-16 lacs p.a or more depending on your experience. 

Business Intelligence Developer

Businesses, online or offline, need mantras for success, and if there can be a scientific way to get it, wouldn’t that be awesome? Well, no wonder then, today, amongst the many artificial intelligence jobs, business intelligence developers command a vast demand.

A business intelligence developer studies and analyses complex data, and comes up with current and future market trends. They use their findings to increase the efficiency and profitability of the business. 

They also have to contribute to research and planning and find ways to solve existing problems in the business. In a way, the role of a business intelligence developer helps the organisation to take up the right direction towards success. Thus, many industries, including e-commerce, healthcare, insurance, and more, have lucrative openings for business intelligence developers. 

  • Educational Qualification and skills: A bachelor’s degree in engineering or computer science is desired, but a degree in any related field is also accepted but with experience in working with data. Other desirable skills are expertise in SQL queries, warehouse design, BI technology, etc. They should also possess strong business knowledge, along with communication and analytical skills. 
  • Expected Salary:The average salary of a business intelligence developer in India is about ₹7 lacs, and it could only go better. 

Big Data Engineer

The job of a big-data engineer is to enable businesses to collect and analyse data and to help use the results in the best interests of the business. The role is more evolved than that of a data analyst or data scientist. 

The skills include proficiency in warehouse design skills, data pipeline construction, data extraction, data mining, data migration, and more. The role involves developing and evaluating data solutions. In addition to real-time data processing, a big-data engineer also has to be skilled in offline data processing procedures as well as the execution of machine learning. 

  • Educational Qualification and Skills: Since it is an advanced role, a Ph. D in computer science or mathematics is a desired qualification for big-data engineers. They should also be well-versed in advanced systems such as Hadoop, Spark, as well as have proficient knowledge and experience in computer languages such as Java, Python, Scala, and more. 
  • Expected Salary: A high-paying job, you can expect to take home ₹6 lacs to 10 lacs and more. 

Choose the Best Careers in Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is already creating a revolution in the world and rethinking what machines can and could do.  A Careers in Artificial Intelligence in India is not only challenging but exciting as well. Though most jobs require an engineering or computer science degree, those who wish to get into the field could also do so with certification in coding and computer languages. Choose from the top five career options mentioned above based on your educational background and interests to become the best AI professional.