Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence

Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence

Like all things in life, Artificial Intelligence has some drawbacks too. Let’s get to know a few of them. Here are some Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence.

AI Requires High Investment

Being a complex system, the initial investment for utilizing an AI-based approach in an industry is substantial. Since AI is still in its incumbent phase, developing customized solutions for a particular application requires resources and time. The overall cost for a solution depends on the initial research as well as the system development. Additionally, the cost of installation, repair, and maintenance can be expensive too. Further, you have to factor the investment for upgradations as technologies evolve in the future.

AI Applications Don’t Improve With Experience

During the early days of Artificial Intelligence, one of its key aims was the ability to learn from experience. However, we have not been able to replicate this behaviour in AI systems. As the machines cannot evolve with experience, it makes their application limited in dynamic environments. In a typical industry setup, a job passed between several operators. Despite their decision-making capability, AI systems cannot replicate human coordination.

Lack of Creativity

Despite being adaptive, AI machines can only perform tasks that are a part of their algorithm. Since they are devoid of feelings, they lack passion and creativity. Although they can take part in the decision making, they merely follow an algorithm based on rules and do not show the intuitiveness of a human brain. Due to the lack of creativity, AI systems are not able to provide an out-of-box solution for new scenarios.

Over Dependency on Machines

By assigning several jobs to machines, we are becoming over-reliant on them. The inability to perform our daily activities without their assistance has already begun to show. As our dependency on these machines increase, the mental growth of humans will slow down. Several experts have warned about the adverse consequences of AI on the thinking capabilities of human beings. 

Risk of Data Loss

As we become over-reliant on AI systems to manage our data, recovering the information in case of a data loss can be very difficult. In a large enterprise, this data loss can be threatening for its business and the privacy of its customers. Nowadays, we store all our important files on a smartphone or a computer. If the data gets corrupted, retrieving it can be quite troublesome.

Summing It Up

Like every other technological advancement, the benefits of AI stem from the intention of use. It’s like having a knife in your hand. Whether you use it to cut your hand or fruit, it depends on you! As you might have understood from the discussion above, the benefits of Artificial Intelligence outweigh the Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence fear. 

Therefore, it is no surprise that the industry is betting big on AI to increase its efficiency and business. AI opens up several opportunities for a rewarding career. Visit an Indian Career portal to get the latest information about different courses and job opportunities for a successful career in AI.