What Are The Different Types Of AI Technologies Used By Companies

types of AI technologies

Artificial intelligence could be a plan important for driving enterprise strategies in various companies. AI commonly uses specific technologies. But Enterprises that do not have an AI strategy follow other sources instead of using the conventional types of AI technologies. But unfortunately, managers often lack understanding when it involves AI and it started with the term itself. Artificial General Intelligence is what people consider. The companies use different types of AI technologies in order to attain efficiency.

AGI refers to giving computer intelligence that replicates biological intelligence through technologies. Additionally, it’s studied in labs and research projects. Finding algorithms that reduce coding and solving new problems falls into the planet of machine learning. Therefore if we are more awake to AI and corporations using these technologies can help managers discuss AI more intelligently with their teams.

Technologies Used In Companies

There are different types of AI technologies used by companies. These companies involve various strategies in different fields.

Natural Language Processing :

Different software uses different types of AI technologies to increase effectiveness. NLP has a fear of interactions between human languages and computers. So computer programs can understand spoken or written an individual’s speech. Software like Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, and Google Assistant. These all use NLP to understand and reply to users’ questions. However, this is often common in use, support, and transactions with customers but has massive potential to spice up company internal processes.

Machine Vision :

Firstly the companies determine the field which enables the machines to work out. Machine vision captures and analyzes visual content from technologies employing a camera, analog-to-digital conversion, and digital signal processing. Secondly, It compares human eyesight but human limitation does not skip it which might enable it to see through walls. It achieves through machine learning to obtain the most effective results by the company.

Hardware With Integrated AI :

This includes appliances with integrated AI, chips, and graphics processing units(GPU). Google has sent AI into its hardware to form an end to end control. This uses media and other types of AI technologies to provide a push into the future. However, the impact of integrating AI with hardware goes far beyond consumer applications like generating entertainment and bringing about the following level of gaming. this is often the kind of technology that will want to propel deep learning for companies like Google, IBM, Intel, Nvidia, Alluviate, and Cray.

Natural Language Generation :

This is one of the important types of AI technologies that use the information to create text. AI employs NLG software to indicate every type of information into human-readable text. So this can be often to cut back potentially transformative technology. it’s many applications like automating business intelligence reports, product descriptions, financial reports, meeting memos. Also, the facility to form custom with the incidental cost is more powerful than many realize.

Further, the structured data became into the text at an honest speed that writes a sort of a human at a speed of multiple pages a second. Automated Insights is doing very interesting things here. Additionally, other companies take a look at this market include Lucidworks, Attivio, SAS, Narrative Science, Digital Reasoning, Yseop, and Cambridge Semantics.

Deep Learning :

Deep Learning is the next generation of computing that lets computers teach themselves. It contains various techniques that use program machines to perform high-level thought and abstractions like image recognition. However, technology has advanced marketing by enabling more personalization, audience clustering, predictive marketing, and complicated brand sentiment analysis. It requires companies to use different types of AI technologies. Therefore it looks into companies like  Instinct, Fluid AI, Math-works, Ersatz Labs, Sentient Technologies, Peltarion, and Saffron Technology.

Virtual Agents :

Companies use virtual agents for activities. This involves different types of AI technologies for handling situations. Also, it is a computer-generated intelligence that gives online customer assistance. They lead discussions with customers and supply effective responses. Also, some of them were animated virtual characters containing human-like characteristics. Some Virtual agents are :
1. Make reservations.
2. Book an appointment.
3. Place an order.
4. Avail of product information.
Also, they use machine learning platforms to enhance their function to supply better services. For instance, popular companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and Assist AI provide virtual agents.

Machine learning :

Out of various other types of AI technologies, machine learning involves more learning through algorithms. Machine learning is a domain of artificial intelligence. Also, this refers to machines can find out themselves without explicitly programmed. It is an application of AI which enables systems to find out and improve from experience automatically. However, while working with machine learning, various sets of algorithms will be required. Also, this involves different types of AI technologies for maintaining all the requirements. Machine learning platforms have the power to access, classify, and predict data. Machine learning platforms have gained ground by providing:

  • Algorithms.
  • Training Tools.
  • Data applications.
  • Application Programming Interface (API).
  • Other machines.

Further startup companies and big companies such as Amazon, Google, and Microsoft all make use of machine learning with improved technologies.

 Speech Recognition :

This is the ability of a program to analyze spoken words and phrases and convert them into data using various technologies. But speech recognition is applied by an enterprise for call routing, voice dialing, voice search, and speech-to-text processing. There are more people who use this as a source of communication. However, speech recognition is that it cannot capture words thanks to variations in pronunciation and disturbance. Speech recognition software is increasingly being installed on mobile devices. Companies to look at during this field are Nuance Communications, Open Text, Invert Systems, and NICE. Further, these companies use speech recognition as it is one of the most convenient types of AI technologies for communication.

types of AI technologies

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