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Big Data is a term that describes a large volume of data that floods a business on a day-to-day basis. It may be in the form of structured or unstructured data. Big Data is complex, large, and fast; it’s impossible to process using traditional means. Cost reductions, time reductions, product development, and customized offering to consumers are some of the variables analyzed by businesses to make better decisions. Today, companies are constantly looking for big Data Analytics and data scientists to make sense of their data and make consumer-driven decisions. The Best Way To Learn Big Data career is in high demand because of it’s high demand, high salary benefits, opportunities in MNCs, and new learning opportunities that it provides.

There are some skills that you need to have before you can start to learn Big Data Analytics. These skills include Programming, Data Warehousing, Computational framework, Quantitative Aptitude, and Statistics.
Once you’ve mastered these skills, you can dive into big data analytics. There are various paid as well as free platforms where you can learn.

Paid courses

There is a large number of online courses available for anyone who wants to learn. Most of these courses are self-paced and are suited to the needs of beginners as well as skilled professionals. As the demand for these courses increases, so does the quality and quality of these courses. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Simplilearn
    The Simplilearn platform provides one of the most holistic programs. It is an opportunity to learn from the best in business via virtual training and exercises. The Hadoop Developer course is one of the best big data training you may find online. It provides the possibility to start as a beginner and end up as a data analyst professional. After completing the lessons, you have to complete a few projects before receiving credible certification.
  2. Cloudera
    It is one of the most famous names in the field of data analytics training. The CCP Spark and Hadoop Developer certification is credible in virtual as well as physical settings. To complete this certification, you need to complete the Apache Spark™ and Hadoop training. The leading experts with in-depth knowledge of the industry teach the course.
  3. Coursera
    Coursera offers a Big Data specialization course in partnership with the University of California, San Diego. It’s a series of courses that help you master the skill. Specialization also includes a hands-on project. There is a customizable flexible schedule. After the completion of each course and the hands-on project, you will receive a credible certification. There is a possibility for financial aid if your application is eligible for it.

Free Courses

Most of the available free courses do not provide the opportunity to earn a certification. If your main objective is to learn, and knowledge expansion, some of these courses provide a good opportunity.

  1. Data Science Essentials, edX
    This course enables you to learn data visualization and exploration concepts with experts from MIT and Microsoft, and get an introduction to machine learning. It also provides the option of pursuing a verified certificate to highlight your knowledge and skills. To obtain certification, financial assistance is also available.
  2. Data Science Foundations,
    This course is for aspiring data scientists. It includes an introduction, tools, the methodology of data science. It also discusses how to get practical knowledge with open source tools. This course is mostly for beginners looking to get started in the field of data science. It does not offer any certification.
  3. Data Mining Course, KDNuggets
    KDNuggets is a well-known data science website and has developed its own data mining syllabus that they offer to students for free. There are learning modules on machine learning, statistical tools like regression, classification, clustering, as well as an opportunity to learn the practical implications of this technology.

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