6 Types of Girls You Find in Every College

Girls are an integral part of your college life! They bring in the excitement, the drama, the fun and also the bitchiness. Well, say what you may college without them is incomplete (unless of course if you are in an engineering college. You definitely don’t get to see a lot of girls there.) So here are 6 types of girls you meet in every college.

The Padhaku

Well…well…well..We all know the “Scholar Types”. They typically wear glasses, always have their notes ready and ask lots and lots of questions. Yup! They ask a lot of questions and yes, it annoys everyone (including the professor). But say whatever you may, these are the girls who save us a day before exams. Thanks to their epic notes and their ability to teach you everything one day before the exams!


6 types

Yes, the BBC. This girl will have all the gossip in the world. Who is dating whom, who got into trouble with the principal and who doesn’t take a shower and come to college. All this girl does is gossip. Although it’s fun when it’s about something else, it becomes super nasty when she gossips about you. If you are still in college, I would suggest you to keep your distance from this one.

Miss Popular

Of course miss popular! She is gorgeous, she is kind and she has all the boys drooling all over her, including the professors. Her outfit is always on spot and she is on good terms with everyone. You can’t help but like her!

Make Up Ki Dukan

Wow! This girl! This girl has some guts coming to college with 5 kgs of make-up on her face. You can clearly see that the tone of her hands and her face do not match, but this girl will up frontally deny it. Whether it is a 7 am lecture or a 11 pm one, this chica will have her make up on

Dance India Dance Contestant

The dancer..! She is someone who is so engrossed and passionate about her dance that she doesn’t care about anyone else. And man when she dances everyone’s just mesmerized! This girl is always at the top of her gain and always entertains the entire college with her performance.

The Tomboy

And yes, we all know the tomboy. She doesn’t care about makeup, attention or any other girlie things. In fact chances are most of her friends are guys. She also doesn’t care about being called a tomboy. This girl is a total “chiller”. Always fun and game for all the mischief.

All of us have had these girls in college. And we might also be one of them. Either ways it always fun to interact with all types of girls. College was that one time you could be whoever you wanted! Everyone was having fun and enjoying their college life. And if you are still in college, cherish every moment, because these days are never coming back!

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