Science Reveals Why Pets are the Best Study Pals

Why Pets are the Best Study Pals

80% of college students say that they sometimes or frequently experience stress in everyday life. When it comes to exam time, almost all students have difficulty with their workloads. One simple and fun way to combat this is by introducing a pet into your study routine. If your parents or teachers question your motives here, then cite the scientific research below on Why Pets are the Best Study Pals can really improve the quality of study time.

Dogs Keep Your Mind and Body Active

A 2017 study found that dog owners are more likely to exercise than those who do not own a dog. Even when the weather was cold and wet, dog owners were shown to be 20% more likely to get outside for a walk. If you struggle to keep a regular exercise routine, then a dog could be your key to daily walks among nature.

Why does this matter for your exams? Physical exercise gets the blood pumping to your brain so that it can work at full capacity. It gives you more energy throughout the day, so that you can maintain high levels of clarity and concentration while you study. Furthermore, any time among nature will give you a healthy break to lower stress.

Cats Lower Your Stress Levels

Stress can be deadly, leading to increased blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke. Anything you can do to naturally lower your stress levels will keep you feeling healthy for longer. You can’t avoid studying for your exams, but you can control the environment in which you do it.

Scientific research published in the Journal of Vascular and Interventional Neurology suggested that ownership of a cat reduces the chance of death from stroke or heart attack by a third. So fill your study space with the best cat food brands to encourage feline filled company. The cat will quietly eat or sleep and therefore not pose a distraction, but their mere presence will keep stress at a healthy level.

Social Stimulation Improves Cognition

Another, perhaps surprising, benefit of pet ownership on cognition levels regards your level of social interaction. The exam period can be a time of social isolation for many students. You, understandably, spend much of your time locked away in your room, trying to get through all the revision. However, social activity is essential to preventing cognitive decline, especially with regard to memory.

Those who become socially isolated have significantly increased risks of developing dementia or Alzheimer’s later in life. However, the introduction of a pet into a person’s life has been shown to reduce feelings of loneliness and maintain cognitive function. If you are worried about your levels of interaction with other humans, then keeping a cat or dog around while you study can help to keep your socially-oriented brain functions active.

Finding the right human study partner to help you through your college course can be difficult. Why not make life easier and just get a pet? Why Pets are the Best Study Pals? They’ll keep you physically active, while lowering your stress and maintaining your social skills. All these aspects add up to a brain that can retain information and apply knowledge, allowing you excel academically.