Career Options After Graduating as a Pharmacist

Career Options After Graduating

There’s a common misconception that pharmacists only work in drug stores, read prescriptions for 8 hours a day, and sell medicines. This is not even close to being true. In reality, pharmacists are an essential part of the medical world and have countless Career Options After Graduating in many industries.

Choosing to be a pharmacist means no boring life at all, we guarantee! Every day would be a different adventure. You will be part of a constantly changing world where you will discover something new every day.

Whether we realize it or not, pharmacists play a crucial role in our lives. They are not only the people who sell medications to us. They also create them for us. They take part in research and investigate the best therapies in all fields of diseases. And more, there are some industries that we may have never thought of which also need a pharmacist on their teams.

Many prospective students choose to study medicine or dentistry instead of pharmacy because they believe there is a lack of options after graduating from pharmacy school. Also, many people think it’s not a well-paid job, but this is a million years away from reality. This is the reason why in recent years, we have observed a demand Career Options After Graduating for pharmacists.  

What Do Pharmacists Actually Do?

In one sentence, they help the world become a better place. But of course, we will explain to you in detail, don’t worry. 

Starting from general knowledge, they consult people on the best way for their treatment. But before starting to sell medicines, someone had to create them. Guess who? Correct, the pharmacists! Even while you are reading this, there are thousands of pharmacists around the globe searching for new and more efficient medications. 

Pharmacists study for years how medications interact with each other, what they are made of, who they are made for, and more. 

Nowadays, medications are produced by pharmaceutical companies. These companies cannot work without capable pharmacist teams. To produce even a single pill, you need a person who has studied for that. Someone to tell you the exact dose of the pill’s compounds, to control the production, and test the result. 

As we already said, pharmacists consult people on their treatments. But not only ill people need consultations. Since pharmacists discover and develop new medicines, they also advise doctors on who they can prescribe them to. In addition, pharmacists’ job is to make all the doctors aware of any kind of side effects that may occur. Or if some medications may not interact well with any illness and cause side effects.

Why Do People Decide To Become Pharmacists?

Here is a short list of all the advantages of being a pharmacist.

  1. There is no better feeling than helping people
  2. Rewarding career 
  3. Respected job all around the world
  4. Being an essential part of the medical world
  5. Being part of innovations 

What are the Career Options After Graduating as a Pharmacist

Here is a list of 10 opportunities that help in your Career Options After Graduating as a Pharmacist that are among the most preferred by pharmacists around the world.

  1. Pharmacologist – works in hospitals and companies that discover and develop new ways of therapies. This includes collaborating with other research pharmacists around the world. The main goal is to conduct quantitative modeling, clinical simulations, and tests for safety. Average annual salary: $140,000
  2. Clinical pharmacist – cooperates with health providers to evaluate patient’s needs and proper treatment. This includes recommending alternative treatment plans and educating patients on their proper medication usage. Average annual salary: $120,000
  3. Pharmacy Specialist – evaluates patients’ needs and maintains their medical history. This includes monitoring patients’ records. Also, you may need to advise patients on visiting appropriate medical staff. Average annual salary: $112,000 
  4. Pharmacy Manager – the person who is responsible for running a drug store properly. This includes ensuring efficient customer services, maintaining patients’ databases, or consulting with professionals about prescriptions. Average annual salary: $110,000
  5. Pharmacist in charge – the person who takes decisions on hiring staff and supervising their work. It also includes storing and stocking drugs and being responsible for the disposal of all outdated drugs. Average annual salary: $110,000
  6. Staff Pharmacist – administers immunizations and counsels patients. Other responsibilities are interpreting reports and conducting quality assurance reviews. Average annual salary: $110,000
  7. Nuclear Pharmacist – prepares, tests, and dispenses radiopharmaceuticals. This may include managing laboratory procedures and testing equipment during production. Average annual salary: $110,000 
  8. Pharmacy technician – helps pharmacists manage the workstation. It is a hospital-based work where you order and keep track of the drugs’ stock. Average annual salary: $50,000 
  9. Pharmacy dispenser – selects medical drugs and devices based on a patient’s prescription.It includes managing the drug inventory and placing orders. Average annual salary: $30,000
  10. Drug store owner – runs their own business and helps other people. Managing your own business is controlling all situations in the drug store. Until you find the team you really need, you will have to take care on your own that everything is under control from efficient customer services to the hygiene in the store.  Average annual salary: all based on your dedication.

How to Choose What’s Best For You? 

Make a list of your interests and what you love to do. After you are done with it, check which pharmaceutical industry covers the biggest part of your preferences.

If your list includes experiments, and discovery, and you are full of ideas, maybe you should consider a career as a researcher. Experimenting and discovering new medications is an exciting part of this job. The chance of finding new medicines for a terminal illness and earning a place in history forever would motivate you to wake up and work hard each day. 

If you are devoted to helping people but also have an entrepreneurial spirit, you can consider opening your own drug store. This way, you will help not only people in need but also fresh pharmacy graduates to start their journey while working and learning from you. Also, businesses are an essential part of each country’s economic status. In conclusion, you help: ill people, freshly graduated pharmacists, the government, and you have a business working for you – four birds with one stone.

A Career Options After Graduatingas as an academic is among the best options for pharmacists. First, you will have a well-paid and respected job. Also, every day you will meet young people willing to help others but don’t know which path they must take yet . “What can I do for them?” you may be asking yourself. Well, for a start, you will share your knowledge with them. But also, since you’ve been where they are, you can guide and help them find out what’s best for them. 

People who love responsibilities, being in charge and in control of the situation can discover the opportunity to work as hospital pharmacists. No hospital can operate adequately without them. Their main job is to guarantee that the health institution is well-stocked with all the needed medications. If it’s not, they must order and make sure of the packages’ safety. 

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, many things around the world have changed. This includes home office work becoming more preferred. The pharmacy field also offers such options. Nowadays, many people prefer online shopping, including buying drugs. But just like in a real pharmacy, the online one needs pharmacists to consult the patients. 

Another opportunity you may have never thought about is the cosmetic industry. Yes, they also need pharmacists. Since cosmetic products use all kinds of ingredients and want to take the maximum advantage of them, they need an expert. The main goal of the cosmetic product is to heal your skin problems and don’t harm you in any way. There’s no better expert than a pharmacist who can do this.  

Another unusual idea is to become a student advisor. What do we mean? You can start your own advisor company. For example, Medlink Students is a team of doctors helping prospective medicine and pharmacy students choose the right path. You can help future pharmacists find out what’s best for them. Maybe, in the beginning, you will be doing it on your own until you gather a team of other pharmacists willing to help the future generation. 

How Pharmacists Help the World?

To be honest, we don’t even want to think about what our lives would be like without pharmacists. As a result, the pharmacy world and its experts strongly influence every health-related field. 

Constantly working on improving treatments and finding better medications is crucial for humanity to continue its existence. Pharmacists are medication experts. No doctor or dentist can create a treatment on their own. 

In conclusion, pharmacists are as important and helpful as all the other professions in health institutions. 

Why is Pharmacy One of The Best Degree Options? 

Being a pharmacist combines helping people, being respected, and getting well-paid for it. Also, many internationally accredited universities offer pharmacy courses in English. If you choose this program one of the best Career Options After Graduating, you will have the privilege to work in most of countries around the globe. The courses are affordable compared to any other health-related studies. 

Being helpful to society and respected by them is also among the advantages of being a pharmacist. No matter the industry you choose, one thing is for sure, you will be helping people.