Can I Crack Cat in 3 Months?

Can I Crack Cat in 3 Months?

Many students have approached this topic over the years. If you’re wondering whether you can pass the CAT in three months, the answer is yes. We’ll give you a step-by-step study plan to assist you in getting ready for the CAT in the limited yet adequate time you have. This study strategy is so that you are prepared for test day and can give your best effort. Many CAT Students Think Before CAT Exam Can I Crack Cat in 3 Months? Here We Discuss a Study Schedule that will help you Maximize in 3 Months.

Can I crack a cat in 3 months?

Let us first start by eliminating a few illusions regarding the exam. The CAT is not a knowledge test; it is an aptitude test. It simply means that you need not memorize a lot of information that is essential to your success. Simply put, the more knowledge you have doesn’t ensure that you’ll get a higher score in CAT.

CAT is a test of aptitude. It implies that you must be adept at answering questions based only on basic ideas. Typically, these are the lessons you learned up through class 10 in math and English. Discuss a study schedule that will help you maximize the three months

The 12-Week before CAT exam

You should master all the fundamental principles before you begin your CAT preparation. It is more necessary for quant but less for VARC, DI, and LR, which demand more exam preparation from day one.

A CAT mock test is what you should start with first. On the first day of your preparation, take a sample CAT exam. It will give you an idea of where you currently are and how much work it will take to move you forward in the right direction.

Additionally, set a 2-week goal to study all the fundamentals of quantitative aptitude. You could take a Books and Materials package from a reputable coaching institute or learn from a good book on quantitative aptitude. The solved examples in a book have to be solved to cover the fundamentals.

6 Weeks before the cat exam

Your mock frequency should increase to three mocks per week starting this week and continuing for the following four weeks. Already mentioned, the emphasis must be on learning from fictitious experiences.

Your CAT admission card ought to be available by now. As a result, you must take all of your practice tests at the same time as your actual CAT exam. It goes without saying that after taking your mock exams, you should carefully analyze each one and, if necessary, go back to the drawing board to review the ideas you find challenging.

2 Weeks before CAT

If you are currently working somewhere, now is the time to take a break from your employment. Recline at home. Reduce the number of mock exams you take each week to around 2, but thoroughly review the principles of every subject you have learned.

Once you are at home, should not take you more than one day to review the principles. Take on and revise all of the mock exams you attempted in the past on the previous days. It’s a good idea to fix a couple of your worst mocks because it will remind you of all the errors you had done earlier.

Cat week

You should take one mock this week, so take your last mock here. Take no mock tests over the previous four days. A little review and looking over some previous mock exams can be beneficial.

Give up all forms of studying from the previous three days. Visit a theatre and take in a terrific comedy during these three days. Before taking the CAT exam, your mind needs to rest.