CAT Reading Comprehension: Should we read the RC questions first?

CAT Reading Comprehension: Should we read the RC questions first

CAT Reading Comprehension: Should we read the RC questions first? In the CAT verbal section, there is common advice to read the question first before going through the passage. While you are free to try this strategy if you find it helpful, we believe that most people will not find it useful. There are several reasons for this.

Firstly, reading the passage with the question in mind may cause you to miss important information in the passage. Instead of focusing on the critical ideas presented, you will be solely focused on finding the answer to the question. This means that you may overlook valuable information that could be used to solve other questions in the reading comprehension section. Additionally, CAT reading comprehension passages often include critical reasoning questions, which require a strong understanding of the central idea of the passage. If you miss the central idea because of focusing on the question, you may end up spending more time on the questions and potentially getting them wrong.

Another reason to avoid reading the questions first is that it requires mental energy to remember the question while reading the passage. This mental energy is better spent on comprehending the passage as a whole, as CAT passages can be complex and require a thorough understanding. Focusing too much on specific details instead of the overall message of the passage can lead to missing the point and misunderstanding the author’s viewpoints.

Furthermore, time is a critical resource in the CAT exam that needs to be carefully managed. Reading the questions before the passage means you will need to reread the questions when answering them, which takes additional time. This can be a disadvantage in a time-bound test like CAT. Additionally, by not fully understanding the central idea of the passage, you may miss out on eliminating wrong answer choices that conflict with the broader message of the passage, leading to either taking more time to answer or getting the questions wrong.

In conclusion, while the idea of CAT Reading Comprehension Should we read the RC questions first may seem appealing, it is recommended to follow the standard process of reading the passage first. This approach ensures that you fully grasp the main idea of the passage and optimize your time during the exam.

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