CAT Syllabus and Other MBA Entrance Exams Syllabus

CAT Syllabus and Other MBA Entrance Exams SyllabusCAT Syllabus and Other MBA Entrance Exams Syllabus

CAT Syllabus and Other MBA Entrance Exams Syllabus? When it comes to MBA entrance exams, many students tend to confuse the syllabus for different exams with the CAT syllabus. There are several prominent MBA entrance exams in India, including CAT, NMAT, IIFT, XAT, SNAP, TISS, CMAT, and MHCET. Each exam has its own pattern and syllabus, but there are certain commonalities among all of them. For example, CAT and XAT do not have direct vocabulary-based questions, while IIFT, SNAP, and NMAT commonly feature such questions. However, reading comprehension is a consistent topic across all exams, regardless of difficulty level.

Let’s take a closer look at the Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC) section syllabus of each exam. Here is the CAT Syllabus and Other MBA Entrance Exams Syllabus:

CAT Syllabus

Over the past three years, the VARC section of CAT has remained consistent in terms of pattern and syllabus. This section consists of 34 questions, with 24 of them being reading comprehension questions and the rest focusing on verbal ability. CAT places a great emphasis on reading comprehension, with long and short passages included in the exam. The syllabus for verbal ability in CAT primarily covers TITA (Type in the Answer) parajumbles, odd sentence, summary, and paragraph completion.

IIFT Syllabus

The VARC section of IIFT is divided into two subsections: reading comprehension and verbal ability. The verbal ability section of IIFT focuses on basic grammar and vocabulary, with questions on parajumbles, figures of speech, and fill in the blanks. The reading comprehension section in IIFT features longer passages with direct questions that can be answered from the given passages.

SNAP Syllabus

The VARC section of SNAP includes questions on basic vocabulary and grammar. While SNAP does not give as much importance to reading comprehension as other exams, vocabulary and grammar can still pose a challenge. Developing vocabulary and grammar skills is essential for success in this section.

XAT Syllabus

XAT is known for having a tougher VARC section compared to other exams. It features fewer questions, with a balance between reading comprehension and verbal ability. Apart from reading comprehension, XAT also includes questions on topics like parajumbles, para completion, summary, and fill in the blanks. A good understanding of critical reasoning concepts is necessary for this exam.

NMAT Syllabus

NMAT focuses on speed, as the time given for this exam is limited. It includes questions on direct vocabulary, which are often repeated. Students with strong vocabulary skills can perform well in this section. Additionally, NMAT includes grammar-based fill in the blanks questions, which are relatively easier and less time-consuming.

TISS and MH-CET Syllabus

These exams have a lower difficulty level compared to CAT. The VARC sections include questions on reading comprehension and verbal ability. The reading comprehension passages are longer, and the verbal ability section focuses on basic grammar and vocabulary. Students with good speed are likely to perform well in these exams.

Overall, apart from CAT, most of the exams test vocabulary and grammar skills. Ignoring vocabulary is not practical for aspirants. To help students improve their vocabulary, Bodhee Prep offers a free online course dedicated to vocabulary. This course is available for all students who wish to enhance their vocabulary skills.

Quantitative Ability Syllabus

The CAT syllabus for quantitative aptitude is the same for all other MBA entrance exams. The difficulty level of the quant section in recent CAT papers has been lower, making the difficulty level equal among all exams. The syllabus for quantitative aptitude can be categorized into number system, geometry, arithmetic, algebra, and modern maths.

Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation Syllabus

For CAT, there is no standard category for this section. However, the logical reasoning and data interpretation syllabus can be categorized as fixing missing numbers, splitting numbers, games and tournaments, maxima and minima, data arrangements, and sequencing and arrangement. Additional categories such as number series, statement and argument, blood relations, coding-decoding, and data interpretation in various forms like bar graphs, line graphs, tables, and pie charts are included for other MBA entrance exams.

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