How To Prepare For Logical Reasoning For CAT?

How To Prepare For Logical Reasoning For CAT

Any CAT aspirant must know the importance of logical reasoning in the exam. You can do wonders in the exam if you’re prepared well. And if you’re not prepared enough, don’t be shocked after the result is a complete mess.  Logical reasoning tests your mental agility and problem solving skills. Follow these simple but very important steps to score amazing in logical reasoning in your CAT exam & How To Prepare For Logical Reasoning For CAT.


The most important thing you need to do while preparing for CAT is practice. Always trust the line – ‘Practice makes a man perfect’, because it’s true in every case.  And so it is to prepare for logical reasoning for CAT. Practice sample questions as it will help you in getting familiar with the style and format of questions that comes in the exam. Also, practice as many sample tests as you can. Every logical reasoning question can be presented in many different ways, so practicing a lot is what your main task should be. 

Check The Solutions 

It’s a given as there’s no point in practicing if you don’t get to know how you are doing with each sample test. Therefore, check all your answers with the solutions and explanations. This will help you find out your mistakes, and also your weak and strong areas. Then, you can work on your weak areas, and improve on your mistakes. 

Add Some Fun 

Practicing should not be just limited to sample tests. Make your preparation interesting by solving games that need some logic, for example, Sudoku, crosswords etc. You can then work on your problem solving while doing something interesting. And this will really help a lot in making you better at logical reasoning for the exam.

Master The Methods 

Try creating your own set of effective methods for solving a type of question. As you practice, you will start finding the best ways to solve a particular question. Discovering the most convenient ways will make solving questions much easier, and you will be able to solve the test more efficiently. 

Take Care of Time 

 Now that you’ve solved ‘the solving the questions’ part, next up we have ‘solving the questions on time’ part. It’s great that you’re now able to crack every logical reasoning question given to you, but it would be greater if you’re able to solve them all under a given time period. CAT exam is time bounded, so you won’t have a lot of time in your hand. Hence, it’s important you practice your sample tests under timed conditions. This way, you would be able to work under time pressure and develop the pacing required in the CAT exam.  

Try The Real Thing 

Try to practice as seriously as you’re taking the real exam. This way you will be able to get the most out of your preparations. Practice at a quiet place, a place with the least amount of distractions. Solve the entire exam under one sitting, under a given duration. And of course, solve it without any help whatsoever. Give yourself the feel of the real exam, and see how it will boost your confidence.

Organize Your Preparation

 A study plan is necessary to prepare yourself for not only this, but any exam. Creating a study plan will help you in organising all your preparation. Divide how much time you have left until the exam and this way, make sure to cover all the areas. A study plan provides you with the best chance of successfully cracking the exam.

Happy preparations to you