How To Get 99 Percentile In CAT?

How To Get 99 Percentile In CAT?

It takes dedication, perseverance, and willpower to achieve a 99+ percentile score on the CAT in 2022. Candidates should focus more on time management during the last stage of preparation because they will only have 120 minutes to complete the CAT 2022 exam. Candidates who want to pass the CAT exam with a higher percentile must guarantee error-free performance. Carefully choosing your questions is the best way to ensure that your answers are correct and error-free. In the end, finding a balance between speed and accuracy is what it comes down to. The target score for test-takers to reach the 99th percentile is 104. (CAT raw score). Here is some of the best CAT speed- and accuracy-boosting advice.

Learn About Your Pros and Cons

As noted above, to score 99th percentile on the CAT 2022, you only need to attempt about 60% of the questions. Spending the last time on the remaining 40% will require knowledge of your strong and weak points. When reaching for the top, what you choose to leave behind is just as important as what you attempt.

Learn to Answer Questions

Daily question-solving is the best method to improve your CAT 2022 speed and accuracy. Daily problem-solving will also assist you in determining the best routes to the solution and which questions to skip.

Practice Time Management.

Keeps a timer going while, and record how long it takes you to complete each question. Each segment should be completed in 40 minutes, time management is crucial.

Review The CAT Exam Analysis

Look at the CAT exam analysis and note the paper structure, level of difficulty, subjects covered in each part, etc. to modify your preparation as necessary.

Examine CAT Toppers Tips

It is a good idea to look at the study plan used by CAT top scorers or the finest books for CAT 2021 that they suggest. But try to shape and tailor their recommendations to your requirements and preferences.

Strive to Improve Your Accuracy

Candidates must put in a lot of effort, but make sure you are studying passionately. Work diligently on the things that you perceive to be challenging in particular. Recognize your errors and make an effort to improve. Expert Advice to Reduce CAT Negative Marking

The candidates must also improve their accuracy. You may already be aware that to score a 99.9% on the CAT, you must provide accurate responses in contrast to commenting on confusing ones. Continue to put all the material you have learned to use.

Do Not Put Yourself Under Stress

How you handle pressure is one factor that contributes to your CAT score of 99 percentile. Up until the exam date, the candidates must maintain their composure and never give up. In the CAT, numerous questions will confound you that you cannot possibly answer in one attempt. If so, disregard that query and move on to the one after it. It will be impossible to finish the CAT Question Paper in the allotted time if you become anxious and focus only on that one question.