How to Plan Your Online CAT Preparation?

How to Plan Your Online CAT Preparation

How to Plan Your Online CAT Preparation? If you are skilled at distinguishing between “good content” and “bad content,” then online CAT preparation is a great option. The internet is filled with free content for CAT preparation, including questions, PDFs, e-books, videos, and tests. However, not all of this content is of high quality. Many CAT aspirants have a tendency to collect a large amount of free material, reaching a point where they become overwhelmed and unsure of what to do with it all. This leads to choice anxiety, confusion, and a lack of direction.

Unlike offline coaching, where everything is provided by the coaching center, online CAT preparation requires more self-direction unless you have already enrolled in an online CAT course or coaching program. This is why many teachers believe that enrolling in an online CAT course provides better direction for your preparation.

However, whether you have enrolled in a course or not, there are essential things to remember when preparing for CAT online.

1. Familiarize Yourself with What is Asked in CAT:

It’s crucial to clearly understand what is asked in the CAT exam. Many students prepare for CAT without knowing what to expect. Make sure to thoroughly read our article on CAT syllabus and review past question papers to determine what is relevant to your preparation.

2. Create a Concrete Study Plan:

Developing a study plan is easy, but sticking to it can be challenging. Your online course material and books are tools to aid your preparation, but it’s up to you to utilize them effectively. Aim to spend at least 2 hours studying daily, whether through a course, website, or books. Reflect at the end of each week to evaluate whether you followed your study plan.

3. Learn to Study for Extended Periods:

Concentrating for long hours is a common challenge in CAT preparation, whether online or offline. On the exam day, you’ll be expected to concentrate for several hours. Start building your stamina and concentration from the beginning of your preparation. Learn to study for at least 90 minutes at a time, and extend your study sessions on weekends.

4. Minimize Distractions from Your Smartphone:

Smartphones are major distractions that hinder productivity. Whether studying online or offline, staying away from your smartphone is essential for maintaining focus. Study using a laptop/desktop or physical books to mimic the exam conditions.

5. Prioritize Important Tasks:

During your preparation, distinguish between necessary and unnecessary activities. For example, solving reading comprehension questions is more important than simply reading a variety of passages. In quantitative aptitude, solving questions yourself is more valuable than watching tutorial videos. Manage your time effectively by focusing on relevant topics and practicing questions of the desired difficulty level.

6. Develop Effective Test-Taking Strategies:

Start adopting a test-taking mindset as early as possible, ideally by the first week of July. Begin with topic-wise tests, then move on to sectional tests, and finally mock tests. This progression allows you to familiarize yourself with test-taking pressure and develop strategies to leverage your strengths and overcome weaknesses.

This article provides a broad overview How to Plan Your Online CAT Preparation. In my other blogs, I discuss additional aspects of online CAT preparation that you may find helpful. Be sure to check out our Online CAT 2023 Course, which includes video lessons and live sessions.

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