How to start your Prep for CAT-2022?

How to start your Prep for CAT-2022?

How to start your Prep for CAT-2022- Well, what is the ideal approach to prepare for CAT-2022? In this article, we outline some of the steps you should take for your preparation. The following tips are divided according to the sections in the exam.

Area-1: Quantitative Ability for CAT (Maths in simple words)

Go through the following list of topics:

  • Number System
  • Arithmetic
  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Permutation and Combinations + Probability
  • Set theory and some other miscellaneous topics

How to start your Prep for CAT-2022- How many of these topics are you genuinely comfortable with? How many of these were you good at in school? If the answer is most, you don’t need to worry. Pick the topic you are not comfortable with and focus on that. If the answer is one or zero, then alarm bells should be ringing. Here’s a simple guide: Give each topic 3 to 5 weeks in advance, depending on the breadth and depth of the topic. That should mean you are done with most of the concepts by the end of June.

Which books should you refer to? For understanding the absolute basics (if you have a maths-phobia and struggle with the subject), refer to NCERT school books. Remember that there is no shame in going back to the absolute basic level if it helps you. For people who are at a fairly decent level, you can explore any quantitative book from a mainstream publisher. Run a quick Google search and you will find the authors. Two popular books you can refer to are ‘Quantitative Aptitude for the CAT by Nishit K Sinha’ and ‘Quantitative Aptitude Quantum CAT by Sarvesh K. Verma’. For practicing basic level questions for Maths, refer to Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations by R.S. Aggarwal; it remains the best book for solving beginner level questions.

Area-2: Data Interpretation for CAT

Data interpretation requires a combination of two skills: mathematical ability and computational skills. First, if you start working on Domain-1 honestly, you’ll be ranked.
For the second part you should:

  • Learn the tables for numbers 1 to 30 (minimum 1 to 30, remember we say minimum)
  • Keep a Vedic math or quick calculation book (You can choose M Tyra’
  • Learning Ratios with Numbers and Percentage Equations
    As far as sets for practice go, you can leave them for the time being. Remember, we are still in February, and the focus has to be on basics more than anything else.

Area-3: Logical Reasoning for CAT

Before we get to the advice part, what exactly is logical reasoning? In simple terms, it is the ability to make connections between the data provided to you. So should you fuss over it? No. Can there be a rule-based approach for Logical Reasoning? Probably No. Can you learn it and cram it? Most definitely no. Can it be done then? Yes, most definitely yes. How to start your Prep for CAT-2022- What should be the first steps? Dig into some puzzle books. Famous ones are those by George J Summers, Ravi Narula, and Shakuntala Devi. Play some reasoning games. For example: Sudoku. These activities will make sure that your mental engines start to buzz and you set aside the cobwebs. Do you need to solve Logical Reasoning sets for the time being? You can begin with about 2 to 3 sets a week for now.

Area-4: Verbal Ability for CAT (English for the layman)

Ah, at last, our favorite area: Verbal Ability. What should you be doing to improve in this area? Our one word answer: READ. Read like crazy, read like there is no tomorrow, read to learn, read to explore, read as if your life depends upon it, read until the night ends, read until daylights last, just READ! We are crazy reading people (if that was a type). We believe in reading. We believe literally reading anything would also help (*though a planned approach would be better).

What should you read? For the next one month, pick the area you love the most and read 8 books from that area. If you want variety, read any books. Read the newspaper every day. Read Sunday editions closely, as they offer some of the best content and also a quick recap of the week. Pick up at least 2 issues each of 2 different magazines.

In short, become a compulsive reader.

For Vocabulary and Grammar: Before we actually advise you what to do, you need to keep in mind that Vocabulary and Grammar questions have not appeared in CAT in the last few years. But questions from these topics are most definitely a part of other major MBA entrance exams, such as SNAP, IIFT, XAT, and NMAT. Therefore, it makes a lot of sense to study these topics in-depth.

Simple game plan for these topics: For vocabulary, pick up Word Power Made Easy. Do one session a day.Now for grammar, How to start your Prep for CAT-2022 Wren and Martin (we know, but sometimes you have to swallow the bitter pill). Read the first part of the book in about two months (more than enough)
For verbal, make sure you place sufficient emphasis on the three areas: Reading (primary), Vocabulary (improves comprehension and reading), and Grammar (helps in understanding sentences).

The above recommendations form our suggestions for CAT-2022 Prep.

Along with the above cursory information, we have a detailed post on how to prepare for CAT Verbal Ability. Make sure you go through this post. This article provides you with further in-depth knowledge about how you should prepare for this topic.

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