Is There Negative Marking in CAT?

is there negative marking in cat

The process of deducting marks for every answer marked incorrectly is known as a negative mark. Almost all competitive exams have it, and so does the CAT. In CAT, you get 3 marks for each correct answer, but -1 for every incorrect one. And an unanswered question will grant you no marks. Not negative too. Now, one should be careful while answering the questions. As every incorrect answer will reduce your marks by 1. So, here are some guidelines you should follow to reduce negative marking in your CAT exam:

Don’t Guess the Answer

 Avoid guessing the answers to questions that you’re not able to solve. When you’re not able to find an answer to a question, it is advisable to just leave it. Yes, a lucky guess will give you an additional 3, but a -1 is also possible, which will reduce your total marks.

Take The Easy Questions First

 Look first for the questions that seem easy and quick to solve. This will take care of the easy ones first and will save you a lot of time for the hard ones. And giving the hard questions proper time will lower the chances of getting an incorrect answer. This will help you reduce negative marking in your CAT exam.

Read Every Question Properly

 Sometimes, one does not read the questions carefully, and then starts solving them incorrectly. Due to this, he never comes up with the right answer. Avoid that, and read every question carefully.

Avoid last-Minute Answering

Many candidates try to attempt as many questions as they can, during the last few minutes of the exam. This increases the chances of incorrect answers. Avoid those situations. this will also help you reduce the negative marking in your CAT exam.

Don’t Be In a urry

Time is important, but attempting questions in a hurry will higher the chances of negative marking. Always cross-check your answer before moving on to the next question. A quick check won’t do much harm.

With these guidelines. You will be able to reduce the chances of negative marking in your CAT exam and increase the chances of getting into a top Indian B-school.