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Move out Vedic Math Calculation Tricks

Although the ability to calculate quickly is beneficial in any competitive exam, the introduction of calculators has reduced the significance of these tricks in CAT. While being able to calculate quickly and approximate faster than others is advantageous, the process of using an onscreen calculator and clicking on each number to enter it can be time-consuming and frustrating. It is more efficient to approximate the answer rather than relying on these Move-out Vedic Math Calculation Tricks. For example, instead of manually calculating 17.924 * 23.115 / (5.119 + 4.282), one can approximate it as 18*23/9.4, which is approximately double of 9.4. This saves time and avoids the frustration of using a calculator unnecessarily. Therefore, it is recommended to focus on approximation rather than learning new techniques for faster calculation or Vedic Math.

Changes you should make in your CAT Preparation to tackle the new pattern of CAT Exam

As you may be aware, the CAT exam has undergone some changes in its pattern compared to previous years. While the fundamentals of CAT preparation remain the same, it is important for CAT aspirants to make certain adjustments to adapt to these changes. In this post, we will discuss the tweaks and adjustments you need to make in your preparation.

Do not neglect Logical Reasoning & Data Interpretation

It is observed that many CAT aspirants make the mistake of neglecting Logical Reasoning (LR) & Data Interpretation (DI) despite its importance in the exam. Some aspirants assume that with minimal practice or just attempting mocks, they can score well in LR & DI. However, this approach often leads to disappointment in the exam. It is crucial to regularly practice LR & DI throughout the preparation process. Allocate dedicated time for solving sets from previous papers and watch solved example videos to develop the necessary thought process and understand which sets should be attempted in the exam. Utilize mock tests for practicing LR & DI, focusing on learning rather than scoring high. These questions serve as valuable tools to sharpen LR & DI skills.

Verbal Ability is Back

Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension (VA-RC) section has gained significant importance in the new CAT pattern. Previously, candidates had the option to skip either VA or RC and still achieve a decent percentile. However, in the current pattern, spending one hour on the VA-RC section is mandatory. The section consists of 34 questions, including Reading Comprehension, Verbal Reasoning, Critical Reasoning, and Verbal Aptitude. It is recommended to focus on improving VA & RC skills, with emphasis on Verbal Reasoning and Critical Reasoning. Grammar and vocabulary, while important, should be given lower priority. Consistent effort and practice can help improve performance in Reading Comprehension, enabling candidates to attempt a sufficient number of questions to score well. Critical Reasoning/Verbal Reasoning should be the highest priority in preparation for this section.

By following these guidelines, aspirants can better adapt and move out to the new pattern of the CAT exam with Vedic Math Calculation Tricks.

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