What Kind of a Problem Solve Are You?

What Kind of a Problem Solve Are You?

What Kind of a Problem Solve Are You? Problem-solving prowess is a critical skill, especially for CAT aspirants. Understanding your problem-solving style can significantly impact your approach to tackling the CAT exam. Let’s explore different problem-solving approaches and how they influence your CAT preparation journey.

1. Analytical Problem Solvers

Analytical problem solvers possess a penchant for structured thinking and meticulous analysis. Their methodical approach and attention to detail aid in unraveling complex problems. This section delves into their traits and explores how their problem-solving style impacts CAT preparation, particularly in deciphering intricate logical and data-driven challenges.


  • Methodical Thinkers: Analytical problem solvers thrive on structured approaches.
  • Detail-Oriented: They meticulously dissect problems to identify key elements.
  • Systematic Approach: They prefer step-by-step methodologies to solve complex problems.

Impact on CAT Preparation:

Analytical problem solvers excel in logical reasoning and data interpretation sections. Their systematic approach aids in decoding intricate puzzles and analytical challenges.

2. Intuitive Problem Solvers

Intuitive problem solvers like me rely on adaptable approaches and insight to resolve diverse challenges. Drawing from vast knowledge and analytical capabilities, we navigate complexities with creative thinking, offering solutions that often transcend conventional methods, tailored to unique situations and needs.


  • Instinctive Decision Makers: Intuitive problem solvers rely on gut feelings and quick decisions.
  • Adaptive Thinkers: They adapt swiftly to changing scenarios without dwelling on minute details.
  • Creativity: They approach problems from unconventional angles, often finding unique solutions.

Impact on CAT Preparation:

Intuitive problem solvers excel in the verbal reasoning section, where quick comprehension and decision-making play pivotal roles. Their adaptability aids in grasping complex reading passages swiftly.

3. Strategic Problem Solvers

What Kind of a Problem Solve Are You? Intuitive problem solvers rely on instinct and adaptability to navigate challenges swiftly. This segment explores their knack for quick decision-making and unconventional thinking. It delves into how their intuitive problem-solving style influences CAT preparation, particularly in swift comprehension and adaptive reasoning required in verbal reasoning sections.


  • Planners: Strategic problem solvers are adept at formulating long-term plans.
  • Goal-Oriented: They prioritize objectives and devise strategies to achieve them.
  • Resourceful: They leverage available resources efficiently to overcome challenges.

Impact on CAT Preparation:

Strategic problem solvers excel in quantitative aptitude sections. Their ability to plan and strategize aids in tackling mathematical problems effectively.

Identifying Your Problem-Solving Style

Identifying your problem-solving style is pivotal for effective preparation. This section outlines ways to self-assess your approach—reflecting on past solutions, seeking feedback, and utilizing online assessments. Understanding your style’s impact on CAT preparation, especially in mock tests and section-specific strengths, guides tailored strategies for success.

1. Self-Assessment:

  • Reflect on Past Solutions: Analyze how you approach problems in various scenarios.
  • Feedback from Peers/Tutors: Seek inputs from mentors or peers regarding your problem-solving approach.
  • Online Assessments: Utilize online quizzes or assessments designed to identify problem-solving styles.

2. CAT Preparation Impact:

  • Performance in Mock Tests: Observe how your problem-solving style influences your performance in mock CAT tests.
  • Section-Wise Strengths: Note which sections align with your problem-solving strengths and weaknesses.

” What Kind of a Problem Solve Are You? Understanding your problem-solving style is the key to optimizing your CAT preparation.” – CAT Mentor

Leveraging Your Problem-Solving Style for CAT

Leveraging your problem-solving style optimizes CAT preparation. Tailoring strategies to play to your strengths and address weaknesses is crucial. Embracing adaptive learning methods, diverse resources, and challenging problem sets aligned with your style enhances versatility and proficiency in tackling the diverse challenges of the CAT exam.

1. Tailored Preparation Strategy

  • Play to Your Strengths: Emphasize preparation in sections that resonate with your problem-solving style.
  • Target Weaknesses: Devote extra effort to improve in sections where your style may not naturally align.

2. Adaptive Learning Techniques

  • Diverse Study Materials: Incorporate varied resources catering to different problem-solving approaches.
  • Practice Varied Problems: Challenge yourself with diverse problem sets to adapt and enhance your problem-solving versatility.


Your problem-solving style is a powerful asset in your CAT preparation arsenal. Identifying your dominant approach—be it analytical, intuitive, or strategic—provides insights into your strengths and weaknesses. Embrace your style, tailor your preparation strategies accordingly, and adapt your learning techniques to optimize your CAT preparation journey. Remember, diversity in problem-solving approaches breeds versatility, a valuable trait in navigating the multifaceted challenges of the CAT exam.

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