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Uses of python in the manufacturing industry

The Python programming language is generally utilized by organizations around the globe to construct web applications, examine information, mechanize [...]

Scholarships for Engineering Students.

Engineering is a field which offers myriad opportunities to students who are pursuing the field in different sectors. The [...]

How college clubs add value to students in an engineering college

Various College Clubs are the integral part of any engineering college. Starting from academic clubs to interest clubs, hobby [...]

Experience the best hostel life at these engineering colleges

In order to encourage innovation adequately, Entrepreneurship development cells (EDCs) play a major role in any reputed engineering college. [...]

Industry Partnership Programs that you can benefit from

Engineering students can benefit immensely from the industrial partnership programs that run in the college. They can become a [...]

Cultural life at engineering colleges

Cultural life in engineering colleges is quite alluring. The student’s body and the academic council is highly active in [...]

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