How college clubs add value to students in an engineering college

College Clubs
Various College Clubs are the integral part of any engineering college. Starting from academic clubs to interest clubs, hobby clubs, and the range is quite huge. Several distinguished features of these clubs lead to growth and development of any student, and that’s what makes them a major part of an engineer’s life.

College Clubs are the integral part

  Looking at any of the engineering colleges around, it can be very clear that engineering students do not want to confine themselves into the readings of the semesters. They try to engage themselves into several activities, which can lead to their overall growth and development. After entering a college, they are being faced with several options before them, and sometimes it becomes very tough for them to choose the right club to join. All of the clubs are radically differentiated from each other, and therefore, it is the inclination of the students, which actually guides them to join a particular club.       Entrepreneurship development cell For any budding engineer, this club should get the first preference among all other existing options. This is the place, where an engineering student actually gets an opportunity to test and implement their ideas, and can come up with something new. This particular club, like “Start IN” at IIT Kharagpur, provides a platform to the students, so that they can be able to carry forward their ideas en route for a start-up venture.   Robotics club This is a particular club, which allows students to work in a multidimensional platform. Clubs, like “Roboholix” at IIT Delhi, are aimed at teaching advanced mathematic modeling and automation in a manner, where the students can actually implement their knowledge by their own hands, and come up with new designs of robots.   Quiz club In order to compete with others, it is always preferable to know about the happenings around. This club, like “QuNITe” at NIT Jamshedpur, is engaged in arranging several quiz contests at the institute and national level throughout the year. In order to join this club, students must have a thorough and up-to-date knowledge of the current affairs.   Art and Music club How can an engineering life be complete without art and music? Clubs, like “Chayanika” at NIT Durgapur, allow students to showcase their talents in the fields of art and music, both in traditional and western form.     Having all these clubs and others in place, it always becomes a difficult choice to choose a particular one. However, before making any selection, look at your own abilities and vision. This will let you make the right choice. Learn more about college clubs catch all the latest news in higher education with eduvoice

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